Monday, January 22, 2007

A short detour back into crochet

By persistent and numerous requests:
Pattern: Crochet Mary Jane Slippers
Yarn: Knitpicks Swish Superwash Red Pepper (under 1 skein)
Hook size: K
Mods: add extra rows to the foot area to fit monkey1's foot

I originally started with a copy of the pattern that was printed in my 2006 Crochet a Day calendar and found 1 typo and massive confusion about the strap. I found the designer's blog but no errata in very, very brief search. Deciding it would take me longer to find it online than to figure it out myself, I went ahead with the strap. It took me 2 tries before I figured what the error in the pattern was. Talk about rusty w/my crochet skills!

And here's one of my Project Spectrum projects for Feb/March. The yarn's Noro Kochoran #21. There's a hint of lilac-y pink in there, but it's mostly blue & gray. I originally intended to do the Mistake Rib scarf from Last Minute Knitted Gifts 'cept I saw one on a blog somewhere and decided it was way too narrow and that I wasn't in the mood to widen it or knit my Kochoran into a rib pattern.

As for my SKB, I finally added in my short rows and did an on-the-fly attempt at shaping the sides at the same time to get back down to the medium size past the bodice. The short rows went well. The side shaping did not. It looks like crap 'cause I didn't work it out beforehand. I should rip back and do the side shaping properly, but I so want to move forward and just get it over with. I even started the lace pattern section, but I should really listen to myself and stop. Which is probably why I made monkey1's slippers, so I could get my FO itch scratched.

So back to socks it is til I motivate myself to do the SKB properly. But it won't be the toe-up STR Fairgrounds for awhile. It looks like I won't have enough for monkey1's size, so I'll have to frog it and make monkey2 a pair. I'll still do toe up, but I'll try provisional on one and Judy's magic cast on w/the other. Both heels will be short row, but there are 2 slightly varying methods I' want to try. It's not like my younger monkey is going to care.

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Batty said...

Crochet... yes, I'm still trying. So far, I think I've figured out some decreases and increases, but that's it. A long way from making slippers. Those are very cute.

I also love the colors you picked for the scarf. Nice!