Friday, February 02, 2007

It's a "collection"

So, the article got me thinking, why are knitters concerned about the stash we accumulate when others think nothing of their CD/music collection, their electronic games, or other "stuff." Is it simply because most knitters are of the female gender? But then, look at Imelda Marcos w/her shoes or women w/a closet-full of designer handbags. Or for that matter, me pre-knitting, with my Stila and Nars collection. Did I angst over having too much makeup? Hell no!

The only thing I had angst about was that I didn't use up certain favorite lipsticks or lipglosses before they went bad (ie dry up, get funky smelling, change color). But did I beat myself up for it? Hell no again! Instead, I and other mu addicts on certain mu boards lamented how certain brands couldn't manufacture their lipsticks/lippies from going bad too quickly. And if that dc'd blush or e/s still worked after more than 2 years, more power to that mu item.

So I've gotten a personal resolve never ever to feel guilt over my stash unless it's the guilt of not having enough time to knit with them. That said, after Stitches West at the end of this month and all my BMFA's orders (not even mentioning the sock club, but that's 1 skein every 2 months), I should be good for awhile (ie a vaguely defined amount of time that seems long enough).

Anyway, because I couldn't decide on what my next order from BMFA's website would be (I knew it would be Barney Rubble, but not in med weight 'cause they said the dye for some reason didn't look good in that yarn :p, Thistle, and GRocks 'cept I couldn't decide on what weight for either), I ended up ordering some medium weight from The Fold to knit at least one of them into Cookie A's Monkey socks. L to R: Citrine ('cause I love tapmouse's), Pisgah (an interesting combo of my color preferences), and Peacock, which ended up being more teal and burgundy that I anticipated, but still good.

And finally I finished my first STR Christmas Balls Retro Rib sock. I cast on for the second one along w/the blue (Polar Sea?) Fleece Artist merino for Project Spectrum (it is February after all). I hope to finish the second Retro Rib sock much faster if I don't get too sidetracked w/Project Spectrum.
And there's still my darn SKB. After 3 misfires, I'm well on my way into the chevron lace panel. After the first misfire, I did swatch another skein of the Brooks Farm yarn on KP size 1 & 2 circs because I was concerned about the abuse the yarn took from being moved over the join on my Boyes circs and that I wasn't really getting the pattern gauge I originally got on my swatch. The KP size 2 (3.00 mm) was of course, a tad too big, but the KP size 1 (2.50 mm) on 32" circs (bought in case I want to try the Magic Loop method for socks) worked really well. But now the only issue is that my row gauge is so small that I've got to add quite a few more rows to make the 3" panel. On the plus side, it'll make me think the rest of the sweater back on size 7's will go really, really fast.


Batty said...

Yes! Another convert to the 'I'm not ashamed of my stash' way of life! Isn't it liberating?

tapmouse said...

Geez! I didn't realize Monkey is supposed to be done in medium weight! Well, I guess I need to look through my inventory of Med STR and see which will be the winner!

And about the stash guilt-obviously I have no shame and I'll continue to enable you!-lol!

Stilaholic Nartian knits said...

Heh, between you and Lily, I have 2 enablers in residence!

Because Cookie wrote the Monkey pattern for a med size sock, I'm going to try to "upsize" by using the STR med wgt. It's got a multi-st repeat (16? need to re-look), so to add another repeat will definitely make it too big. I'm also too lazy to swatch the pattern to see where I can add stitches in to upsize it. But if thicker yarn & bigger needles don't work, then I'll try messing w/the pattern.

tapmouse said...

Ohhhh...!-DUH! Yeah, sounds like your plan will work with the med wt! Obviously, I haven't read through the pattern yet!

Yeah, funny how Lily can be such an enabler but *we*, OTOH, have no power over her when it comes to socks! (I've not given up entirely yet, though she has an iron-clad will!)