Thursday, April 03, 2008

Secret of the Stole ii - Savannah

I really should be working on my Sock Camp homework, but at least my Secret of the Stole ii (SotSii) now called the Savannah stole is done. Not the best job in the world blocking it so I'll need to reblock a few spots. The cotton thread I was using slipped/loosened off the pins here & there so I've got some pointy spots and slight undulations on the edges. But I don't expect the 21" x 62" size I got with this blocking to change.

I was a bit anxious to take a picture outside before the light faded so I didn't realize the railing & sloped vegetation didn't help the clarity issue. But you can see the difference in the two Malabrigo skeins bought at the same time bracketing the partial 3rd skein I later bought online (colorway Marron Oscuro). So the biggest lesson for me would be that even if I had bought enough yarn the first time around, I should still expect some variation from a kettle-dyed yarn like Malabrigo.

The nice thing about finishing the stole is that I am caught back up on my Cedar Creek sock in STR Braun's Woods. The majority of the sock is knit on 2.50 mm dpns while the heel was done on 2.75 mm circs to account for the uber snugness of the heel pattern. I really do need to do my sock camp homework this weekend, so I probably won't finish this sock 'til the end of next week.

But what I did finish is Monkey 1's Dublin Bay sock. She picked out the Lorna's Laces Uptown and I will admit it's a really cute colorway. She's very happy that I finally got at least half of this pair done, abeit a year later. So happy in fact that she started her own WIP while I was finishing up the foot.

Just in time for her birthday.


Nell said...

Wow! Who knew braces came in multicolored versions!

Great job on the shawl! I bet no one but you will notice the color variations.

adrienne said...

shawl came out lovely. i will have to knit one - one of these days.

it would almost be fun to have braces now. it looks like a fashion statement.

IrishgirlieKnits said...

Happy Almost birthday cute Monkey!

The shawl came out beautifully! Great job!!

And I love the Cedar Creeks. yeap, my homework has not been started, but at least I now know what I'm making :) I'm a procrastinator!

Zonda said...

The shawl is beautiful!! Hey, did you know your socks match your bag..hehe..right like you can't see that ;)

My DD has black/pink ones

Batty said...

Beautiful job on the stole!

But I love the matching socks and braces. Too bad my parents just retired from dentistry, or I would have suggested a matching socks and retainers package...

Alison said...

Way more fun than braces back in the day!

You can tell her, I wore mine through high school, college, and got them off finally the day before my wedding.

--AlisonH at

Flow Blue Bud's Blogspot said...

Ooooooh, aaaaahhh, lovely stole!

Happy Birthday Monkey 1!!!

Oops, Happy Belated Birthday Monkey 2!!