Saturday, December 05, 2009

A bit of randomness

Woolgirl's Embrace the Lace November kit:

Lots of fall goodness. Pattern by Anne Hanson. I think I'll gift the cowl & fingerless mitt set after I knit it up. The yarn looks like fun to knit (camel), but very much not my color.

My yarnie b-day gift #1 from Tapmouse. Yum!

Tapmouse's handspun b-day gift 2 in need of a wash & a thwack. I think she thinks I'll learn to spin if I learn how to handle her handspun first. Slippery slope is all I'm saying.

Cute bag set from my mom for my b-day. Monkey1 already absconded w/the other little bag that had more cute animals and less piratey fashionistas.

Why yes, I just saw the movie. However, I gave my first pair above done back in Feb in KP Swish Bulky Charcoal to my sis who was in dire need of mittens and made myself a second somewhat bigger pair.

Pattern: Bella's Mittens
yarn: Sheep Shop Two (apparently the company is no more)
needles: KP size 10 circs

I like how they use these mittens in both Twilight & New Moon. Nice continuity of wardrobe. Too bad there wasn't as much knitwear in New Moon as in Twilight. Much, much better production for New Moon, though I will quibble at the makeup artist's choice of vampiric matte heavy foundation vs the excellent airbrush variety in Twilight. And WTF w/Edward's continuing lack of a good red lipstick. Then again, WTF w/the red lipstick in the first place.

Playground Mittens
Cascade 220 Superwash (need to find the ballband for the color #)
size 4-6
KP circs in size 5

Modified slightly since I wanted a little tighter gauge. Since the designer used Ann Budd's Knitter's Book of Patterns as her template, I just pulled out my copy for the modifications. I knit these up quickly over the T-day weekend and was told by Monkey2 that it wasn't what she wanted. Rolls eyes. So before the next holiday, I've been requested fingerless gloves (not mitts!) in purple.

And I swear my birthday twin's cardie is up next. It's half seamed up, but I need to knit up the pocket liners & sew on the buttons.


Neuroknitter said...

What lovely b-day gifts!! Enjoy!

I think you'll love knitting the ETL patterns so much you might find that 'orange' will become your color...that yarn is FAAAANtastic!!

We're seeing New Moon tomorrow!! Can't wait...I'll check out the "WTF lipstick"...too funny!!

Hope you're having a great weekend!!

IrishgirlieKnits said...

Look at those great gifts (such pretty handspun!)!! I love Woolgirl's embrace the lace kit too!

And the mittens...perfect! I want to knit some too! I sooooooo agree with you on the Twilight/New Moon suggestions! Miss you!! We need to have a knit night soon!

dianne said...

What fun stuff!!

I haven't seen new moon yet, but I'll be watching for the makeup!

tapmouse said...

So after this weekend, I am no longer a Twilight Virgin, but I am still a Twilight SERIES virgin! So I'm behind!

Love all your goodies and the knits!

PS-glad I got to see the hat-post gifting to B-day Twin.