Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sew Knit

I finally caught up with my work knitting friends on our February Lady Sweater KAL.

yarn: BMFA Socks that Rock Heavyweight in Korppi
needles: size 8 KP circs

Not much to say, especially since this is my second time around with the pattern. Because the violet in one skein was brighter than the other 2, I alternated the skeins. Pardon the back shot, but the color is truer in this pic. I have Monkey1 trained well as she made sure to ask if I wanted my head cut off or not before taking the pics.

Love the colorway and since it's a favorite pattern already, it'll probably get as much wear as my first.

pattern: Lush-ious Swirl Cowl (though there are other free scroll lace cowl patterns out there, especially on Ravelry)
yarn: Malabrigo Twist test skein when it was called Gusanito
test skein yardage: 130 yds (as compared to the current 150 yds)
colorway: Azul Seco
needles: size 10 KP circs

- CO 100 sts
- Extra purl & knit round after the cast on round & extra purl round before the bind off round.

The yarn was a x-mas gift from tapmouse a couple Christmases ago and I had been ruminating what to knit with it since. Due to the shorter yardage, I stuck to a cowl pattern.

I had actually knit this completely the first time around exactly as written on size 9 needles. I decided that the thicker parts of the yarn were a little too stiff and wanted a slightly looser cowl. With 17 g leftover the first time, I took a chance that I would have enough if I cast on one more repeat on larger needles. So off I frogged & re-knit. Since it took me one day while home with a sick Monkey or 2, the frogging was totally worth it.

In honor of Monkey2's birthday over the weekend, I made her a dress in fabric and ribbon she picked out. Because she was sick the entire weekend (and then some), it took dinner and a dose of kids tylenol before she was in a good enough mood to model it for me. That pic is on Facebook, but here the dress itself (and the little matching bag) will do.


Knitting Kris said...

Love all the knitting! The Bella mitts are so pretty, and so is that FLS! What pattern is your cowl? It is gorgeous!

tapmouse said...

Sure love that new FLS! And the monkey dress turned out adorable! Can't wait to see the cowl in person.

Discoknits said...

FLS - best pattern ever! Looks great with the shorter sleeves :0)
and what a sweet dress - lovin' the hearts :0)

dianne said...

All of it's beautiful! I think the FLS is the sweater equivalent for Monkey socks. I could make it over and over again :-)
Happy Birthday to Monkey2, glad she's feeling better!

Batty said...

Love your February Lady and the cowl! Both are perfect for spring. Don't know about your neck of the woods, but it's still cold over here. Plenty of opportunity to wear knits.

The dress is beautiful. I bet Monkey2 was thrilled. Happy Birthday, Monkey2!