Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Ten on Tuesday


One, Two, & Three:
One more newborn sun hat & 2 pairs of coordinating baby booties for a couple California summer babies, all in need of a wash & block. (The almond sun hat's a previous FO, so I'm not counting it.) -
Lion Brand Cotton Ease in Almond & Stone - yeah, it's summer, but I am so over this yarn at the moment
size 5 & 7 KP circs
A Sun Hat & Waves of Baby Booties (seamless!)

A finished pair of Lindsays from Cookie A's Sock Innovation -
size 2.50 mm KP Harmony dpns - I broke one of them doing a k3tog
Hand Jive Nature's Palette in Medium Indigo

Cascadia Sock One (pardon the un-woven end)-
STR lightweight in Happy Go Lucky
Rockin' Sock Club Jan 2010 kit
size 2.25 mm KP circs
Finally trying Jenny's surprisingly stretchy bind-off. Like!

My informal foray into Tour de Fleece w/my avfkw Polwarth on my Kundert spindle. Doing a 2-ply & it's coming out sport/DK-ish, but it needs to be washed & thwacked.

Sunshine Yarns merino tencel roving in Stained Glass - pretty!

Golding Cherry Tsunami spindle - Love!

Navajo-ply on the fly using my new Golding & the merino-tencel - Going slowly since this is my first foray into a wool blend, though not my first wool blend roving purchase.

3G Woodworks custom-requested Curly Koa spindle -
It has a larger shaft than I expected. I'm guessing the shaft & whorl shape makes it more center-weighted as opposed to the more rim-weighted Kundert & Golding. So while this spins very fast, it doesn't spin long. This will take a lot of getting used to. I think I'll have to go back to park & draft 'til I figure out a way to adjust my method so I'm happy with this. It's definitely a lesson for me to do a little more research (found a Ravelry comment after about the larger diameter shaft) and not be lured by my desire for a spindle made of koa.

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