Sunday, May 15, 2011

May knits

After finishing my Northhampton Beat Socks designed by my friend the Knittinggolfer, I had the pleasure of test-knitting her latest shawlette pattern from yarn in my stash.  It's even pre-Ravelry yarn stash to boot!

Pattern: Marrowstone Shawl by Marcy Vandale
yarn: Yarn Pirate superwash sock yarn in Rain
needles: size 6 KP Harmony circs

 My STR sock knitting binge is not over, but I am done with my March Rockin' Sock Club pair.

Pattern: Intrepid Traveler by Gail Marracci who is also one of RSC's main test knitters.
yarn: Socks that Rock lightweight in Kool Aid Acid Test
needles: size 2.50 & 2.75 mm KP dpns & circs.
mod: Switched to the 2.50 mm needles for the heel flap and sole

I kept notes on when I switched from dpns to circs when I took the first sock on vacation, so I can repeat what I did on the second.  I got the pooling to match between socks, but my guess on the start of the colorway on the second sock looks like half a skein off. I've been affectionately called anal for trying to get the colorway to match on both socks, but I just consider it fun.
pattern: Twisted Rib Neckwarmer
yarn: The Plucky Knitter Merino Cashmere Nylon (MCN) blend Aran weight in Teddy Bear
needle: size 9 KP Harmony circs
CO 200 sts like many other Plucky knitters & knit 'til the cowl was about 9" in "height" when worn.

So out of my WIP pile shared a couple posts ago, that leaves me with my Blue Whale kerchief and my Cosima WIP's to finish off.  The Blue Whale will be next to be finished, but I'm having lots of second-guessing and regrets on buying the pattern & the yarn for Cosima.  The project manager in me will probably push me to finish some point.


dianne said...

I love how Marcy's shawllette came out! The yarn you picked was a great color for it.

How far into Cosima are you? On one hand I say finish it because it looks like it would be a great piece to wear for work. On the other hand, if you're really not loving it maybe you should frog it and try something different. It always such a tough decision!

Tece said...

Seems you are getting a lot completed...always a good feeling. I have yarn for a Cosima too....just finishing two granddaughter cardies, then I think I should start it!

Mrs Dibble said...

Lovely shawl and socks....was there a world pre-Ravelry??