Monday, September 25, 2006

And so it begins.

Whee! I'm halfway done w/my first pair of adult socks! Gee, I didn't think it would be so awkward trying to take a pic of one's own sock-clad foot as I can see I didn't pull my socks up all the way as I was contorting my leg and digi cam around.

So now I need to cast on my second sock on my one set of size 1 KP Options dpn's before I start swatching away w/my other sock yarns and tie them up. I guess that means I'll need to order a second set. :) Anyway, the deets so far are:

KP Simple Stripes Snapdragon
KP size "US 1" (2.5 mm) dpns - 8 sts/in, forget the row gauge, need to re-measure
72 sts cast on, ~4" leg length (I have short & stubby legs),
just your run-of-the-mill basic sock pattern

This first sock will be designated as my "left" sock since my left foot is slightly larger and this sock is a little loose at the heel on my right foot. I'll be switching to my KP size 0 dpn's for the heel on the second sock and see how that works for my right foot. I do think that for my next pair of socks, I'll give the short row heel a try along w/a shorter cuff length of around 1-1.5" as 2" is a little too much for my personal liking.

And isn't the sock blocker the cutest thing! Too bad I don't have enough of the STR Rolling Stone sample to finish the mini-sock so I can either wait 'til tapmouse is done w/her socks and beg for a wee bit more or try to knit another mini-sock w/the STR cedar creek leftover she gave me. I really love the colors of the Rolling Stone though.

Hee, maybe when BMFA gets all their colors on their website (maybe?) or when I go to Stitches West next year, I can grab the colorway for myself. Unless I get sidetracked by one of their other 250+ gorgeous colorways.

I am hooked!

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tapmouse said...

Oh, yeah! Gotta love them socks! Now, I have to admit that extending your cuff to avoid ending in the middle of a stripe is a bit extreme...then again, I think I've done that very some thing!

Don't worry, me thinks me can spare a bit more of rolling rock for you since the yardage ought to be more than enough for my socks. (I know I won't know this for fact any time soon since I have been neglecting this project for some time...must be the sharp-pointed bone DPNs I'm using...)

And YES, you must buy another pair of needles! *always*