Wednesday, September 27, 2006


The NSSC is no more. At least for awhile. I think when I reknit this I will actually go down not just to my usual size, but one more, I think. If it doesn't work, I'll just re-knit yet again. Or if worse comes to worse, get the Elsebeth Lavold Sophisticated Lady book and knit something from there.

And there's nothing like a little retail yarn therapy to take the sting out of frogging the whole body of a sweater plus half a sleeve. I got more Louet Gems in Caribou (I was debating this w/the Tobacco on my last visit) and Pink Panther for monkey1 from Yarn in Alameda and Fleece Artist merino sock yarn from the Little Knits sale in Pinata and Lily Pond. And thanks to some cheering from tapmouse, I went ahead and also ordered more Fleece Artist in Forest and Wildflower. I was going to go back and buy Autumn, but I hesitated too long and it's sold out. As my wallet takes a momentary sigh of relief as I'm gearing up to order my Brooks Farm Four Play Yarn for my Simple Knitted Bodice. And I wouldn't be a makeup addict w/o making my favorite olive browns eyeshadows (Nars Star Sailor, Stila Golightly and La Douce) as my tools to decide on the Brown C color.

eta: Heh, monkey1 laid dibs on the Pinata Fleece Artist (left in the pic above), but I told her they have to be socks. So it's a good thing I ordered more Fleece Artist for myself.

Then I promise myself to go on a yarn buying moritorium 'til February (Stitches West) except for a couple skeins of STR in November for my birthday. Or maybe 4?


Kel said...

Those yarns are delicious! Sorry about the frogging (but look at all the new knitting you get to do!...Right?)

tapmouse said...

Man, that Pinata is still looking pretty appealing! Last I looked there was still some left! And as much as I initially dislike Parrot, I stare at it more interested than ever these days! Maybe because it's so NOT me...