Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Jaywalkers are done!

The silly cutesy Jaywalkers pic:

Thank goodness monkey2's daycare likes me, otherwise they'd be thinking even stranger thoughts about me draping socks over their little traffic signs. And the modelled shot of the fraternal pair.

So now tapmouse and I are doing our own little KAL for knitty Kew. I'm doing mine in STR Nodding Violet. I like this pattern cept for the annoyance that is keeping track of yo's at the end of a needle.

But before I cast on for Kew, I decided to give the Fancy Silk Sock from Nancy Bush's Vintage Socks a try in CTH supersock solid in Turquoise. Too bad I messed up halfway through the cuff. I somehow shifted the stitches over, so I need to either frog back and start all over or tink back to the error. I'll probably frog back all the way 'cause it'll be faster than trying to figure out what repeat I messed up on and get the stitches all on the needles correctly.

And the Kyoto progresses with it's endless rows of double seed stitch. At least I'm halfway done w/the sash.


tapmouse said...

LOVE the Kew! Also am loving the way your Kiyoto is coming along-it looks great!

insaknitty said...

how come your turquoise photo came out so much better than mine? thanks for the comment on my blog - I just want to say I knew there was something weird about that hat pattern! glad to know the something weird isn't me... :)

alliesw said...

Love your socks! I am working on Jaywalkers but they are too small! I am deciding whether to frog so I will be able to wear them or find someone to give them to! Nice blog too!

Stilaholic Nartian knits said...

insakitty - the macro function on my camera is my friend! I think someone posted a picture taking tutorial in the yahoo Socktoberfest?

alliesw - thank you for your comments! I think Grumperina has a link on how to make the jaywalkers bigger on her blog. That may help.

Miss Knotty said...

I LOVE your Jaywalker color scheme. The Pooling works out so that the color looks like it's fading across the top of one foot and then just continuing onto the other foot. Fantastique!!!