Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Medium rare

You can't put a fork in me yet, but I'm slowly getting there w/the Kyoto sweater. I finally finished the top half and seamed the sides and sleeves together late last night, obviously after I snapped this pic. I'm hoping to finish this sweater this month so I can start my Simple Knitted Bodice next month.

And because I was working on my sweater this weekend, I didn't have very much progress on my very first Jaywalkers. I will say that I absolutely love love love this Koigu 123A colorway. This colorway, more than any of the commercial ones w/"Hawaii" in it's name or theme, reminds me of all things Hawaiian. The deep blue of the Pacific, the shallower reef water, the lush colors of the tropical flowers, the lush green vegetation. Just love it.

As for the Jaywalkers pattern, it's rather fun though I'm debating w/myself if I should rip all the way back and redo the cuff on smaller needles or tink back just to the cuffs and knit the rest on larger needles since the cuff is comfortable but the leg is a wee bit snug.

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