Monday, November 06, 2006


Put a big fork in me. My Kyoto sweater is finally finished. I was so relieved that I took this pic on self-timer (hence the chopped off head) before I washed & blocked this bugger. It's now in its final drying stages so when it starts to cool off again I can actually wear this outside the house.

Specs again:
needle size - 8 US to get stitch gauge consequently my row gauge is a tad on the long side
size 38

Yarns -
SR Kertzer Butterfly Super 10 Sage green #3715
Tahki Cotton Classic Cotton Candy #3449
Tahki Cotton Classic White #3003

Modifications -
short row shoulder w/3-needle bind-off
sleeves knit in the round
collar picked up & knit after seaming the back & sides together
picked up & knit the obi sash onto the sweater then bound off
picked up & knit the bottom portion of the sweater to get a mirrored seamed look as recommended in this knitter's blog.

Lessons learned-
1) always buy an extra skein
2) never trust someone else to calculate the yardage for you or at least double check their math- which makes lesson 1 very important
3) never knit 2 adult size sweaters at the same time or lots of boo-boos will happen or worse.
4) I probably should'nt have done the short-row shoulders as they fall to the back.

Okay then, off to finish my second Kew sock which is the only thing on the needles at the moment, making me momentarily a monogamous knitter. Up next, sweaters for the monkeys (1 at a time!) and socks for monkey1, probably Dublin Bay adjusted for her size using Claudia Handpaints Carousel (on the right in pic below). Clearly monkey1 is inheriting my taste in color.

And then probably my Simply Knitted Bodice in Brooks Farm Four Play in Brown C.


Yarnista said...

Your Kyoto is great, very lovely. The colors look nice together.

tapmouse said...

oooooooooow, pretty awesome! And I like Monkey 1's Claudia picks. She knows mommy's weaknesses! ;)