Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Birthday Milestone

Happy birthday to monkey2! Time goes by so quickly. I had forgotten how tiny she was when she was born 'til monkey1 found a box of her infant clothes that we hadn't given away yet.

Trying to take a fun pic of my Rockin' Sock Club progress, but I don't think it turned out as funky as I wanted it to:

Details & comments so far:

Toes & heels on KP size 1 (2.50 mm) circ's. Initially started the toe on KP size 2's (3.00 mm) but they came out too wide. Nothing too traumatic for me on the provisional cast on and zipping the crochet chain off 'cept to say that last stitch is a pain to dig out & put on the needles. I had practiced toe up in St st, so the garter stitch wrap & turn was awkward to do. That and it's really hard to see the double (or even single sometimes) wrapped stitches in garter. I ended up having to count my rows to stay on track.

Foot is on KP size 0's (2.00 mm). Snug but not too constricting. Knitting it was relatively uneventful 'til I almost got to the end and stabbed one of my fingers w/the size 0 needles. Ow.

The leg: I began this section on the KP size 1's and got through a whole repeat just fine when trying them on my foot. Got to the 3rd cable set (halfway through the 2nd repeat) and had to really struggle to get the sock on and off! It felt a little snug on (not terribly so), but still I was concerned I'd rip my socks to shreds w/all that tugging. And gee, when Kaci wrote she likes her socks snug, she wasn't kidding! I've been wanting to knit Kaci's Cedar Creek socks pattern from last year's sock club in a different STR lightweight color, but I'm not so sure now. Or at least bump up my needle size from the 2.25 mm stated in the pattern to 2.50 mm.

In any case, I posted a question on the Rockin' Sock Club blog (they so need a bulletin board as trying research other knitter's experiences to see if they had the same problem is a big PITA) to see what my options would be. Got some replies, but I still went through a couple more iterations before I decided I think I have it. First iteration I tried the 3rd cable set on KP size 2's. Still too snug. Then my second iteration I frogged back to the second set of cables and started the KP size 2's there. This seems to work and you can see by the change in color striping/pooling where I switched from the 1's to 2's. (I'm also liking the color striping/patterning on the 2's better than the 0's & 1's, but that's the nature of hand-dyed yarn & differing gauge.)

Oh, and Cookie A has her patterns online now. So, I finally got my very own copy of the Twisted Flower pattern. Run, don't walk your fingers to her site!


Batty said...

Yes, Happy Birthday, monkey2!

The STR socks are looking good! I haven't cast on for mine yet, but the yarn is sitting there staring at me, begging for attention. Can't resist for long!

Kel said...

Happy Birthday Monkey2! Yay! I haven't started the socks, either. Thank you so much for posting about your needle choices and problems encountered. I am sure you are saving me trials and tribulations, as I shall learn from your experiences! Rock On!

tapmouse said...

YAY! Happy Birthday to Little Monkey!

Now, about the Inside Outs...are ya gonna remember all that for the second sock? Guess that's why you recorded it here...Hmmm...maybe I need to go blog on my progress, huh? 'Specially since I did decide to change needles partway through the foot!

Knitting Bandit said...

Thanks for sharing all your needle trials and observations. I'm anxious to cast on, but now I know to go slow (somethig I don't do) and take notes (something else I don't do).