Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Going crazy w/the sock knitting thing

Like no one's figured that out already. ;)

One down, one to go! I don't know why I worry about the second sock syndrome since I've got all that project management training and engineering background that's not about to let me have an orphan sock floating around for very long. In any case, the specs so far:

Pattern: Cookie A's BFF socks
size: Large
Yarn: Fleece Artist Polar Sea
Needles: Susan Bates size 1 (2.25 mm) from the sock set
Gauge: 8.5 st/in (purposely went a tad tighter 'cause of the yarn)
mod: the regular ole slip stitch heel flap instead of the St st Cookie calls out in the pattern. Messes w/the design aesthetic, but I was leery of the Fleece Artist holding up in the heel in just St st.

And check this out! While winding up my STR Monsoon, I found a knot. But it was almost halfway through so it serendipitously split my skein in half for me! I'll start w/the slightly larger cake/ball since I tend to use more yarn on my first sock than my second. (Tighter knitting? Faster knitting due to familiarity w/the pattern? Who knows?) So now I'm swatching the yarn on KP size 1 (2.50 mm) circs to see if I get the pattern gauge of 8 spi, which I think I am as I only have 1" so far. My previous experience w/STR medium weight has been w/KP size 2's (3.00 mm) and I got 6.5 spi (dpns) - 7 spi (circs).


Apparently, when Kaci says large, she means bigger than my size 8.5, 9.5" circumferenced wide feet. So today I knitted the garter stitch toe on my KP size 2's and started 3 rows of the foot pattern on KP size 1's. With tapmouse out and blogless L busy, I didn't have someone to bounce off my misgivings that perhaps I'm knitting too large of a size halfway through the toe section. But I decided to plow on in case things tightened up sufficiently once I switched to the smaller needles for the foot. No such luck. So it looks like I'll frog this and start again tomorrow w/size 1 for the garter st toe.


tapmouse said...

ooooow, I love the Polar Fleece! Yeah, you are good not having orphan socks! Good engineer/pm that you are. Not like this flighty, scattered gal! Guess it matches my personality, huh? many ss do I have now?...Well, I guess it could be worst...

Did I mention I have no discipline?

Batty said...

I know the feeling. Sometimes, I couldn't care less about socks, and then... wham, the sock knitting bug hits me and won't let go.

Beautiful socks!