Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Mitering for Hokies

Apparently after finishing my Grasshoppers, my sock knitting mojo disappeared. I met test sock gauge with my Scout BFL Indie Swag yarn, but when I started knitting the pattern, the cuff looked really tiny. I frogged it and will figure out if I need to go back to JKnits or wait for the yarn being used in the pattern to arrive.

So I decided to practice my mitered squares for the Hokie Healing project. Now I understand why Cara became obsessed. They knit fast, at least the first 6. The last 2 was more of an exercise in how many squares I could get out of 1 skein each of Plymouth Encore. I could probably get at least one more square out of the skeins, but then it felt weird having an odd one, so I'll send the leftover yarn w/the squares in case they can use it to seam the squares up.

The STR Peacock & Pisgah chevron scarf has been moving along more slowly, mainly because I haven't figured out how to knit well and watch a subtitled show (Jumong on AZN tv) at the same time. This show has become addictive. When my mom first got hooked on Korean dramas (well, the more modern soaps), I couldn't understand what the deal was. Now, both DH and I are hooked.

And actually, my sock knitting mojo hasn't disappeared entirely, it's just slowed way down. My April Y4S club sock is moving along and as it does, I'm starting to appreciate the colorway more. My initial view of the skein didn't thrill me, but the color looked better wound up and even more so when I started getting further along on the sock. I do need to finish at least this one sock because...

Y4S sent their June sock club shipment early. Check out the cute pinky goodness. The yarn is Seacoast's Panda yarn (60% merino wool, 30% bamboo, 10% nylon) in Melonballs and the pattern is Anna Bell's (My Fashionable Life) Giotto socks.


Batty said...

Sock mojo comes and goes. Don't worry, it'll be back!

I know there are people who hate mitering, but I love it. It's so much fun, so much more entertaining than just knitting a square top to bottom. I knit Edgar as one of my first 'real' projects and was instantly hooked.

It's funny how some yarns look gorgeous in skein form and meh when you knit them up, and how some colorways just transform into something beautiful once you start working with them. It's the darndest thing. I really like your socks!

IrishgirlieKnits & PashyKnits said...

The mitered squares look great! I've yet to try them.

Love the chevron scarf!! Makes me want to make another!!

And I'm trying to not look at the other pretty sock yarn you got (you mean there are other sock clubs out there?!). I seem to be on a sock buying spree...must stop. must not look. :) melon ball how cute!

Nell said...

Great scarf! I love the color combo.

Gina said...

We LOVE the Mitered square!!!!!

tapmouse said...

Wow! The Y4S sock is really looking awesome! I think you really need to have that 12 spi gauge revisited with that test sock. The scarf colorways patterning is really coming out interesting. You KNOW I love the pinkie/peach yarn! Glad I got a chance to 'pet' it! (And me, not much of a pink person...)

Knitting Bandit said...

You have so many cool projects in your needles right now. It's making me itch. Is castonitis contagious?