Wednesday, April 04, 2007

It's been all about birthdays lately

And today's birthday people are DH and monkey1. That's right, monkey1 was my gift to DH one year. And monkey1 never lets daddy forget it either. :)

pattern: Modello Giuditta from Magknits
yarn: Inspired by this version, Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece in birthday girl's choices of:
Pink Diamond
Carribean Sea
Wolverine Blue
Hunter Green
needle size: KP size 7 interchangeables
pattern size: 8
- back length ended up longer than the 20" called for in the pattern simply because I wasn't paying attention.
- crocheted edging consisted of 2 rows of sc, then the floret st row (sl st, dc, sl st).

I don't know why pattern directions in general call out for only 1 row of single crochet to stop the St st from rolling 'cause I keep finding your really need 2 rows.

And before tapmouse heads off to sock camp, I figure I better swatch up my STR Seduction before I ask her to custom buy another one for me.

Left: Yarn Botanika merino tencel in Forest from One Planet
Right: STR Seduction in Lagoon from Purlescence Yarns.

Clearly I need to expand my green spectrum a wee bit more.

And my first Yarn4Socks sock club package came in. I'm debating if I've joined one sock club too many now. I love the pattern, but am very undecided on the yarn. It's Y4S's house yarn, I assume, a wool/camel down blend in the color Hunter's Glen. Not sure about the color and the heavily fragranced softener that was used is rather potent. I'm debating if I should wash the yarn before I use it to get the fragrance out.

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Beth said...

I couldn't decide on the Y4S sock club and didn't like the fact that they didn't tell much about the yarns that they'd use. I like the picture of the yarn you received but I'm very sensitive to smells. I'm anxious to hear if you knit the pattern and how you feel about the yarn.