Thursday, April 30, 2009

Pixies, Roses & Stars

I don't mean to be all about the sock knitting, but I somehow started way too many and I'm in the mood to finish some so my WIP number is closer to my comfort level.

Did I mention Rogue Roses is a fast pattern? That and it's in medium weight. The only issue I have is because I didn't start the second sock at the "same" spot in the color progression and knowing my gauge for the second leg would be different than the first, the second leg vertically flashed, with much of the orange, even tempered with the pink, ending up in the front. It's a bit uncomfortable for me, but not so much that I want to rip it out & start over. Also, the foot patterning of the second ended up close enough to the first.

March Rockin' Sock Club Kit
pattern: Rogue Roses by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee (aka The Yarn Harlot)
pattern size: medium
yarn: Socks That Rock medium weight in Gertrude Skein
needle sizes: 2.50 mm KP metal dpns (for the inside of the picot hem) & 2.75 mm KP metal dpns for the rest orf the sock
no mods otherwise

Also completed is my Pixie Park plain vanilla sock. Started on our Disneyland trip and worked on off and on since then, with a few rows of practicing the Yarn Harlot's lever method here and there. I finally got around to finishing off the toe. Since it's my only vanilla sock WIP, the second sock will also be worked on intermittently with the occasional row or 2 of lever knitting.

The Yarn Harlot's sock recipe
STR lightweight in Pixie Park
size 2.25 mm KP Harmony circs (got my replacement for the one that broke)

Part of the reason why the second vanilla sock will be done at a casual pace is that I need to pace myself with this sock.

Nebula by Cookie A - available on her website today!
Dream in Color Smooshy in Wisteria
size 2.75 mm KP dpns to get 8 spi
Left sock in the medium size
No mods as this was my test knit
test knit period for test sock: April 14 to April 19

With all the twisted stitches and cabling, the test knit period was a little tough on my hands. So to avoid hand fatigue and to try to address my other issues with Smooshy, the right sock will be going at a more leisurely pace.

Despite the lovely color palette and squooshiness of the yarn, I have a distinct dislike for knitting it into socks for some reason. I love Dream In Color's worsted weight, but the Smooshy requires a lot more work than I want to do to get the gauge or the fabric I want. Unfortunately, I succumbed to the lemming rush for this yarn when it became much more widely available and bought way too many without knitting one first. I am somewhat at a loss as to what to do with the rest of my Smooshy stash. I've got a bunch for Jeanie, but that's a stole. I seem to be okay with knitting Dream In Color Baby (uh, whenever I get back to the second half of my MS4), so I am assuming I should be okay knitting the Smooshy as a lace yarn.

I also am having an aversion to destash for some reason. I have not had a bad swap or cp (custom purchase) in either my makeup or knitting experience, but my inner voice tells me that I am due for one. So I am avoiding destashing for a long while, if not permanently, unless it's with close knitterly friends. The only option for the rest of the single skeins for now is to use them doubled to make hats & fingerless mitts instead of socks.


cupcakefaerie said...

You are a sock knitting rock star! They're all gorgeous ! The Rogue Roses are perfect just the way they are. Want to knit another pair? I know where you can get another skein of Gertrude Skein. :)

IrishgirlieKnits said...

The Rogue Roses are so pretty! As is the COokie A test are a Rock Star! I can see why you would need a plain vanilla sock while working on that one!

I have had really good luck with all my destashing on ravelry in the ISO and Destash group!

Lindsay said...

They all look great! Now I'm going to have to hop on over to Cookie's and have a look at some things.

Batty said...

Those are gorgeous! All of them. Suddenly, I'm sad I didn't join the STR club this year...

gilraen said...

Fabulous socks as usual!!!! :)

adrienne said...

all gorgeous, as usual.

i agree with you about the gertrude stein colorway...way out of my comfort zone for sure but the socks came out very nice.

of course, if i knew exactly where you lived, i could sneak over and relieve you of those skeins of yarn you want to destash. i haven't tried knitting with that yarn yet either. just leave a window unlocked. **hey, tapmouse, what's nartian's address?!***

Menopausal Death Crone said...

I love your Rosie Toesies!

Knitting Kris said...

Gorgeous, just gorgeous socks there!
Oh no, I have some DIC smooshy too - maybe a scarf along the way too? I have not knit socks with it, but I love the Classy though.
You are the rockstar sock knitter!