Saturday, April 10, 2010

Raven Swirl

RSC November 2009
Raven Swirl by Cookie A - medium
Socks that Rock lightweight in Blackbird
size 2.25 mm KP nickel-plated dpns

unintentional mod:
1 extra repeat of the cuff because I wasn't paying attention and kept knitting on before realizing I should be doing the traveling panel portion of the leg.

And that's all I've got 'cause we've got a new member of the family:

Lots of re-arranging to puppy-proof the house for Monkey1's little Andrew. He's already snagged a stitch of my Beached LSS Shawl that Jazz, but luckily we caught him in time and no damage was done to either cute puppy or shawl. Whew.


Angela said...

OMG! Whatta cute puppy! Is that a golden retriever? My son (23 y/o and doesn't live at home) has one that just made a year old. We love him, but he is affectionately nicknamed the puppy monster.

Nartian knits said...

Yes, he's a golden. His sister got adopted by our neighbors next door. He's fun, but it's like having a young toddler in the house again.

Anonymous said...

the socks are beautiful and so is your pup! lucky pup!

dianne said...

Love the new look of the blog!!!
Great job on the socks. I was reading the pattern over and over the other day trying to figure out where the pattern starts traveling, so I completely understand the extra repeat. I have to say I like it with the extra length and may do that myself as well!

Adorable puppy too. Love the name Andrew :-)

IrishgirlieKnits said...

Puppy love!! Oh my goodness! I'm smitten! And his sister will be right next door, so cool!!!

Sorry, distracted by cute puppy. Love the socks too!!

cockeyed said...

Congrats on the new addition! YAY!!

Neuroknitter said...

The socks are lovely, but that puppy is stealing the show!! Too dang cute!! Congrats! :)

tapmouse said...

Ah! They are done! And Andrew is adorable. So, so, cute!

Batty said...

Beautiful socks! They actually do look a bit like raven feathers.

And congratulations on the latest addition to your family. He's so cute, how could anyone be mad at him? He can get away with anything.