Sunday, April 18, 2010

And one time at Sock Camp...

Hah. Not really. While my Rockin' Sock Club friends are having a kickin' time up at this year's Sock Camp, I'm back at home in a quieter mode working on one of the March RSC patterns.

Slip Jig by our darling Irishgirlie, Carrie
pattern size medium
STR medium weight in Wild Irishgirlie
size 2.50 mm KP circs (just 'cause I know Carrie enjoys circs rather than dpns)

One down, one to go after a brief detour in another size.

Apparently I had a Cinderella stepsister moment and cast on for the small instead of my usual medium. I should know better than to not believe the designer and tech editor. Even my DH noticed when I tried on the small cuff (on top in the pic above) that it would be too snug. Despite the purl stitches in the cable rows, it doesn't lend itself to being very stretchy.

And since hats are quick, I finally got around to knitting Monkey1 a beanie hat version of the Scroll Lace pattern (there's a chart here) that was used for my Malabrigo Twist cowl. I used the recipe directions for this Pomatomus hat to do my decreases for this hat as well. I think I figured it out correctly.

yarn: Dream in Color Classy in Some Summer Sky
needles: size 7 & 9 KP Harmony circs (I'm hecka tight when I knit Dream in Color yarns)
CO 100 sts

And in the spirit of Sock Camp class-taking, I took WonderMike's Navajo ply on a drop spindle class at A Verb this weekend. My over-the-fold technique still blows, but the Navajo-ply method is so awesome! I'm looking forward to practicing this technique more on my little stash of dyed fibers.


dianne said...

I love how you adapted the scroll pattern to a hat. Awesome job! Your socks look great too. You got a really nice striping on the cuff. I finished mine this weekend. Still wish I was at camp though. Wanna go next year??

Zonda said...

Love the hat! Bummer about the sock cuff though! Nice job on the N-ply too!

Batty said...

Love the socks and the hat! And yes, Navajo plying is loads of fun. I'm still working on having my plied yarns come out OK, but it really does get better with practice. Keep at it. I think it looks good.

Neuroknitter said...

Darling hat! Bummer about the detour in the sock...the same thing happened to me in another sock pattern...there must be something in the air!! The sock looks great, and your spinning looks wonderful!! Good job!

IrishgirlieKnits said...

Pretty pretty slip jig!! You were definitely missed at camp (I mean, we got Erica hooked on Twilight and New Moon and Leslie made "Twilight boobies"!).

Love your spinning. You are hooked.