Friday, August 27, 2010

UFO Smackdown

Mystery Stole #4 aka Serendipity Stole


blocked (for now):

Dream in Color Baby in Wisteria
size 6 KP circs
no mods

However, the center kitchenered join needs to be re-done after a few re-do's to fix what I originally thought was a too tight kitchener row. Turns out the last row before I kitchener somehow got pulled too tight & makes certain portions looked seamed in. I'll have to rip the whole kitchener row & re-knit the last row on the shorter half. But not for now. I need a break from this after I finished the second half in 1.5 weeks after picking this back up.

And totally frogged is a test sock I did for someone on knitty 3 years back. The designer had abandoned her pattern & I never got around to replacing her one design element for a different one I would like or a generic St st leg & ribbed cuff.

I decided to frog the whole thing since I assume my gauge wouldn't be the same & I didn't want to keep the short row heel anyway. This yarn will go back in the stash 'til the Monkeys decide what they want out of it.


dianne said...

Pretty stole! I really like the color. I think it should be perfect weather for it really soon.

Zonda said...

Very pretty stole. Don't envy you fixing it though...frogging socks is freeing, this I know ;)