Thursday, April 27, 2006

Good news

The company that makes the Boye Needle Master replied to my e-mail and told me to mail them the defective part and they'll replace it. Whew!

Otherwise, just posting a swatch pic since it wouldn't load yesterday. This is the Butterfly Super 10 cotton in green #3715. It's a little splitty so I need to pay attention when I knit this this as I can totally see when I split the yarn even though I corrected myself. Will need to re-measure my gauge as soon as this swatch dries. I'm thinking of knitting a swatch of this or the Tahki cotton in the double seed stitch to check the gauge too since I read in the old Kyoto knit-along that some had a gauge mis-match between the double seed stitch sash and the stockinette stitch body. Then again, I probably won't knit the sash separately but instead pick up stitches from the body pieces first & knit in the round.

I finished the Ozark Handspun scarf and it washed and drying. Will post pic of it when it's dry.


M said...

dang you're fast!!

I like the color of the swatch.

Stilaholic Nartian knits said...

Heh. Big fat needles & a sleeping sick kid gave me lots of time to knit it up. I did say it was an easy knit. :)

And dang if my gauge is off on the swatch. Debating what to do since cotton's got tons of ease & I don't want to go too big. But I'm liking the green!