Wednesday, April 26, 2006

A wtf?!? vent about my Boye Needle Master

DH bought me the Boye Needle Master set for x-mas and I have been happily using it since. However, last night when I pulled out my project from my bag that was being knitted on the size 7 needlepoints attached to the 21" cable, I found that one of the needlepoints & metal portion of the connector had snapped off the plastic/nylon connector portion. I can see that the metal screw end of the connector was still inside the plastic/nylon receiver end.
I can understand other parts failing due to fatigue (eg the plastic/nylon cable), but I don't understand the metal failing in such a short time. I live in a moderate climate and so we don't have any extreme temperature changes in the weather and my children are young, under 6, so I don't see how they could be strong enough or heavy enough to break it. Well, I suppose my older punk could jump up & down on it repeatedly for a long time, but it's highly unlikely she would want to and I would've known too. The other one's a baby and prefers to gum on the yarn itself.
I know I can order a replacement 21" cable for $3.50 a pop, but I e-mailed the company on small chance (better than a snowball's in hell maybe?) that they may actually offer a free replacement 'cause I don't see why it should break that way, well at least relatively soon after getting it & using it. So we'll see.

On the bright side, I finished the DB Molly Bolero! I'm probably odd as I enjoyed seaming it closed so much more than picking up the 214 stitches for the front ribbed edging, probably because there are a few holes in certain locations when I picked up the stitches. And since I knitted to a tighter gauge, it fits dd1 perfectly and I've got 2 skeins leftover which I'll probably knit into a hat like this one cept I may not have enough for the cute ear flaps:

So, on the what's up next list are:

1) Ozark Handspun scarf 'cause it should be a fast knit

2) the already started Haiku in Knitpicks Shine Worsted in Bachelor Button which I had to switch cables on

3) knitty Kyoto - finished the swatch, but now I need to wash it & re-measure my gauge as I've read online that Butterfly Super 10 & Tahki Cotton Classic have a tendency to "bloom." Kyoto is one project I would rather not knit too big.


Annie said...

Such a cute bolero! Very nice knitting, yay!

Areli said...

Your bolero turned out so cute. Your daughter must look like such a sweetheart in it.

Boogs said...

Bummer about the cable - I don't think I'd be too happy about it either! I hope you hear something positive back from Boye.

Excellent job on the bolero though - it looks great! *L*

M said...

So so cute! and I love the hat candidate.

boo on the cable, and boo on blogspot, too!