Thursday, April 20, 2006

Keels over due to this morning's stoopid newbie knitter antics

So I should know better than to try an fix an error first thing in the morning instead of getting ready, especially when I had trouble reading the stitches. Noooo, I had to just blindly flail along. So instead of fixing the one bad stitch I made I somehow dropped 2 stitches and for the life of me couldn't figure out how to fix it. And instead of putting it down to deal with later in the day, I decided to frog away a row, then 2, then more, then I started snagging. Doofus. So I figured I'd try the freezing mohair trick and shoved the whole darn thing in the freezer so I can frog it easier when I get home. Of course, Manos doesn't have mohair and is 100% wool (Corriedale & merino), but I goofily decided to try it anyway. Sheep have been out in the cold before, so why not? I so know DH is going to open the freezer when he gets home before me and have a WTF?!? moment. In any case, I hope when I get home tonight I can be able to finally read those stitches again so I can pick things back up. Otherwise, I'll be spending my spare time tonight frogging the motherf'ing thing and starting all over. Well, maybe I'll start over next week.

I'm hoping my knitting mojo isn't too badly off today as I plan to pick up & knit stiches on the Molly bolero sleeves next. I know better than to try the 214 sts in the front. Hah. On second thought, maybe I'll just cast on for dd2's Haiku. It's mostly in garter stitch so I shouldn't be able to screw that up too badly today. I think.

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M said...

gah. finally got a chance to read this. did it come out of the freezer yet?

(also I'm glad I'm not the only one cussing on my site, phew)