Friday, August 18, 2006


I forgot to bring my FMB bag in to take a pic of it all in its unfelted glory. Hopefully I remember to bring the digi cam when we go on vacation so I can take a pic of it before I felt it.

In the meantime I decided to do mess around with some swatching to figure out what yarn I want to use for Glampyre's Simply Knitted Bodice to give me a break from my NSSC and Kyoto.

On the right of the top pic is KP Andean Silk in Sangria. I had bought a single skein to test not just for the Glampyre sweater but possibly for other projects as well. I got gauge w/the size 7 needles for the body, but I had to go down to a size 2 needle to get gauge for the waist portion. Good thing I didn't have to go smaller as size 2 is the smallest size in my Boyes interchangeable set. Unfortunately, there's something in this yarn that's inducing my asthma. I hesitate to say it's the alpaca 'cause I knitted a BO scarf in Plymouth DK baby alpaca with no problems. Can one be sensitive to different forms of alpaca? The KP Andean Silk has superfine alpaca, but I don't know if that means it gives off smaller size particulates that irritate my lungs more. I also have a remainder of a cold so I'm not sure if it's simply getting worse. I need to wait 'til this cold is completely gone and maybe knit the chevron lace portion on the swatch to see if I get a reaction again.

On the top left of the first pic (no flash) & top of the second pic (flash) is Artfibers Kurasawa color #3. I got pattern gauge for the larger needles. Bottom left & bottom of both pics is Artfibers Sherlock color #13. I got 5.5 sts/in on the size 7 needles, so I'll need to go up to size 8 to get pattern gauge. While not as economical as KP, both the Kurasawa ($14 for 131 yd/50 g ball) and Sherlock ($12 for 156 yd/50 g ball) prices aren't too bad. Artfibers also gives you a sliding discount, so I would probably get the 10% off over $100 if I go this route. I still need to re-knit the Sherlock and wash both swatches to see how I like them and if I want to stick to the colors I chose to knit swatches out off.

I also want to swatch up my Brooks Farm Four Play since it's also a silk/wool blend. I only have 2 orphan hanks, so my swatch would be to determine if I want to order more in Black or maybe Brick.


Batty said...

Wow, thanks for the detailed swatch report! I want to knit this top for my sister, and I'm looking for a pretty warm brown tone that won't break the bank.
Too bad you're allergic to the Andean Silk, it's such a pretty yet cheap yarn. Allergies are the darndest things, you never know when they'll stop by to bother you!

Could it be the dye? Or something they spun the fiber with? I'd try washing the swatch to see if it stops bothering you, particularly because you've knit with alpaca before. Of course, if that works, you'd have to wash all the yarn before you even get started...

Stilaholic Nartian knits said...

I'm debating on the dye issue, but I've never had any problems w/the KP's cotton blends. Then again, could it be the red dye? I've just bought some Red Velvet Cake Main Line, but I haven't swatched it yet.