Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Knitting finger

Am I knitting too much or is the Cascade 220 Dark Periwinkle and Periwinkle dyes just too happy to see me? Obviously a side effect of my yarn holding habit left over from my crocheting days. Still, wth? I would think I would've gotten these marks knitting up my LBT w/the SWTC Bamboo or even with the Butterfly Super 10 since they're yarns that have little if no give. But maybe 'cause I'm knitting continental in the round all the yarn tensioning and holding has been mostly on the left. Apparently doing a couple rows here and there on my NSSC back and forth, purling English style (yeah, yeah, but I get even St st this way), isn't enough to keep this from happening.

As for the FMB, I did decide to do a monochromatic version of allelejean's striped FMB 'cept I'll stick to the darker colored handle per the pattern. I'm almost at the halfway point in the striping pattern so it looks like the bag will be ready for felting when we go on vacation in a couple weeks. The nice thing about the striping pattern is that it does keep one from getting too bored and prevent that endless St st feeling.


Olive said...

This looks fantastic! I LOVE the striping. I am considering something similar for my second one - like really thin, but varying stripes of the pumpkin through the chocolate body of the bag. Way to go, this is really inspriring!

Batty said...

I like your color choice! The stripes look fantastic. So far, I have managed to avoid colored digits, but my bamboo needles have turned various colors. Never seemed to transfer to anything else, though, so no need to panic.