Thursday, August 03, 2006

3 W.I.P's, 3 W.I.P's, see how the run...

Well, okay, so I only have 2 today to take a boring progress shot, but I've at least gotten over my startitis and got 3(!) big projects going, my Kyoto again 'cept I'm only at a measley 2" on the back, my Knit & Tonic NSSC, and my FMB which I'm debating on striping or not. Saw this really cool striped FMB but am debating if I'm in the mood to do all that weaving in of ends.

I'm happy w/my NSSC, but I definitely do need to take breaks in between w/the FMB or other non-knitting activities to save my wrist as the silk/cotton blend of the Silky Tweed doesn't have much give despite its softness.

In the meantime I'm still buying more yarn (what? KP Main Line on sale @ $1.97, so it couldn't be beat) and drooling over certain patterns. Bought yet another Knit & Tonic pattern, Something Red for the Red Velvet Cake Main Line I bought and am so, so lemming and in love w/(along w/a lot of other knitters out there) Glampyre's Simple Bodice sweater on Stitch Diva. 'Cept it's in $164 (without tax!) worth of Tilli Tomas silk yarn with a bit of crystals/beading. The beading I could do w/o from a practical wearing perspective, but it's oh-so-pretty.

I took a look at the Tilli Tomas Pure & Simple (Jade is beautiful, but $28 a skein/hank!) and beaded Rock Star also in Jade ($40 for roughly have the yardage) at my lys and it's beautiful gorgeous stuff. But, gah! My lys owner had a black Tilli Tomas cardigan w/one of the beaded yarns as the accented edge that looked so lovely as it has a matte-r sheen and beautiful to feel. She also had a mad long coat w/every Tilli Tomas color and beaded yarn in a honecomb pattern that was beautiful in it's wickety wackiness.

I'm obviously going to have to find a yarn sub, but it'll be interesting to figure out. While the Tilli Tomas yarn is worsted weight (4.5 st/in), Glampyre (aka Stephanie Japel) knitted the yarn tighter at 5 st/in due to the nature of silk yarn. I think KP Andean Silk will work (and hey, it's got silk!) and since it has a gauge of 4.5-5 st/in, should sub fine. The only question would be what shade I would want. I may also visit Artfibers w/the specs on this pattern to see what yarns combined can give me gauge. They have a beautiful Hana silk but it's too too thin so I'd have to double it up w/another yarn. Sigh.

So while I'm working away at my current WIP's I'll be dreaming of Simple Bodice yarn subs and awaiting my KP Main Line yarn.


Kel said...

Yay! New Projects! Back on with the Kyoto (I'm so bored with it...still just have 2 sleeves: hehehe) and I love all your felted bags! Thanks for the links to the patterns: I hadn't seen that crystally one and it is very very tempting...NO! Must...finish...current...projects!

Betty said...

I'm thinking Andean Silk too as a sub for Glampyre's sweater. With a carry along metallic yarn - Berroco make a few that may work.