Thursday, April 19, 2007

Following my lemming urges

After seeing all those STR chevron scarves (pattern in Last Minute Knitted Gifts) on flickr, I finally decided to wind up my Pisgah (Peacock already wound from the aborted Monkey sock attempt) and pull out my size 5 KP interchangeables and cast on.

I'm happy with the way it's turning out:

I also decided that the Ozark Handspun hat I made last year would be no more. I realized I am so not a hat person and I didn't really want to give the hat away, so off it went to the frog pond and came back as a simple scarf. Size 17 dpn's are so quick.

Just a pic of my Twisted Flower sock showing the Willow color better. On row 10(!) of the leg pattern second repeat. The half w/o the twists & cables isn't bad and I can crank through those, but it's the part where I double check if I'm doing a twisted 1R (or 1L) vs a cable 1R (or 1L) that slows me down. And dropping stitches on this is no fun 'cause I get all stressed out making sure I've the stitches back on the right way for each row before I can continue.

And I finally got to see tapmouse yesterday and pester her with questions about Camp and fondle not just my goodies, but hers as well. She didn't just get yarn (I love her Mystic Kelp and Socktopus is cool in that Lorna's Laces Vera way) so I got to check out the patterns she bought and other stuff. My planned buys were one lightweight (Lunasea) and one Seduction (ended up being Typhoon Tina) and when I played with all the goodies, ended up buying one of the mill ends. I think the mill end (none have color names)is one of the chicken themed colorways, but I'll have to check.


IrishgirlieKnits & PashyKnits said...

Wow...where to start!!! The scarf looks those two colorways together! And the Twisted Flower is coming along beautifully.

STR...beautiful!! Love the new colors!! Nice camp souvenirs!! Lunasea is swimmingly gorgeous. Enjoy.

tapmouse said...

Hooo and I got to see the scarf and socks today! Awesome! I didn't realize that the other yarn is your peacock. I'm thinking that since I am now planning the twister Puck's Mischief for a sweater, maybe my Peacock will end up being the Moebius? I'd probably want to add a fun yarn to it, though...Need to think it through!

You are right about the swatching for the Horcrux, though. I think that would be the best determining factor!