Friday, September 14, 2007

Battle to be this Friday's FO

The socks won of course. However, it did have the distinct advantage of being a smaller, more easily portable project to take to Monkey1's soccer practice:

Summer of Love Lace by JC Briar, the August Rockin' Sock Club pattern
Socks that Rock lightweight (currently my holy grail of sock yarn) in Flower Power
size med
KP size 1 (2.50 mm) circs
gauge 8.25 spi
no mods otherwise to pattern

Not too thrilled I didn't get the cuffs to match, but not annoyed enough to rip and start my cast on all over again. And apparently sitting on the ground, even w/one of those stadium cushions, does weird things to my tension in the eye of partridge heel on the right sock. But again, too lazy to rip and re-do.

Contrary to all my worries before, I may, just may have enough CTH Twister to finish the hood. We'll see. This will get done something this weekend, but not today. Monkey2 gave me her cold and I am too congested and pissy to crank through the hood today. Even after a nice esoteric discussion with tapmouse on the yarn placement on slipping the first stitch on the hood edging, I still made the mistake of having it on the wrong side 4 times. Thankfully I made the effort to fix those offending spots.

No YPF today as I didn't get my Woolgirl package yet. Maybe tomorrow. And tapmouse & I got our combined Wollmeise order in before she closed for the month of September so I'm looking forward to that package arriving State-side.


IrishgirlieKnits & PashyKnits said...

Love the socks! Great job!!

And the ribbi is looking sooooo good! Its almost done! You and tapmouse amaze me!

Batty said...

Love the socks! I can't wait to cast on for mine, the ones I've seen so far are simply gorgeous.

Sending good finishing thoughts your way! May the hood work out exactly the way you want it to!