Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Attempting to stay focused

Finished seaming the hoodie (though I need to even out a few of the stitches) after extending it out 1.5 more inches (read on Ravelry that the hood is on the small side) and started a sleeve. I'm trying to finish this by the end of the week to meet the end of this year's Project Spectrum.

I did finish my first Siren sock though. I'm happy it fits and I didn't have to rip back along the way. Although I would have no excuse if I needed to since I can do it.

Love how the colorway knits up. (And I like it beadless, tapmouse. Thank you very much.)

And the one finished sock gives me the excuse to swatch my STR yarn from the stash for my Firestarter socks sometime this week, but I'm stuck on what color to go for.

I initially wanted to use my Fire on the Mountain (all colors discussed left to right), but it's in lightweight and the Firestarter sock calls for a 60 st count with a gauge of 8 spi. This would make for a really, really snug sock. (This also rules out the Wollmeise I just acquired based on what I've read being knit up by all the Wollmeisaholics out there.)

Then I thought about the variegated medium weights in my stash that would benefit from the Firestarter pattern and fit my foot with its larger gauge at the 60 st count. First there's January One. The colorway's almost fall-like in it's theme which I'm kinda in the mood for. Then there's Thistle which I forgot that I had bought in medium not lightweight, but it's more spring themed. Finally, there's the mill end that I bought off of Tapmouse's Camp Cockamamie stash. It's got that whole chicken and fall theme going too which makes it on par with the January One. It may even edge it out when I make my decision.

Oh, what to do, what to do.


IrishgirlieKnits & PashyKnits said...

Love the Siren sock! It is so pretty!

Thanks for pointing the Firestarter sock out to me! I have to finish my Woolgirl sock (that's my "thinking" sock pattern). I may knit up a quick pair of Monkeys first (I just love that pattern!).

As for your firestarters, I really like the mill end color that you have. Very fall. I'm all about fall lately!

tapmouse said...

I love the hoodie-it is so adorable!

As for the Firestarters-I can't believe they are med wt! Figures that the two patterns we are both wanting to start both use the heavier weight yarns! Of course, I am dying to see what the mill end will knit up to be, so that's my pic! Plus I like the warm red in it...