Friday, September 21, 2007

Wollmeise bandwagon

It seemed only fitting that I pull tapmouse into my Wollmeise lemming urge. We managed to get our combined order in before Claudia closed shop for the month of September.

Gotta love that packaging:

Our combined order with samples of Pfauenauge and Campari Orange (We asked for medium intensity but that little note in Veilchen said she was out and gave us medium dark):

My loot (l to r): Zenzi (since tapmouse got Spice Market), Raku Regenbogen (great colorway!), Rhabarber (love, love, love this), Poison No#5 (yay!), and Veilchen (gorgeous, gorgeous blue).

Tapmouse's loot (l to r): Dornroschen, Raku Regenbogen, Spice Market (I so want this too! But sometime after her new online shop opens. )

Since I got both packages (sharing shipping with friends is fun), I'm also outing both tapmouse's and my latest STR buys due to certain colors being shelved for the season (all lightweight):

Olivenite (not as green as the minerals I once collected as a kid on a school hike, but still nice and unusual for me since I don't normally go for yellow):

Spring Fling:

Tapmouse's Foofaraw (more interesting than I remembered) and Gingerbread Dude (on my wishlist for later):


gilraen said...

Absolutely fabulous stash!!! I had to grab a tissue to dry up the drool............. :D

tapmouse said...

Oh man oh man oh man!!! I am soooo thrilled and can hardly wait to lay hands on these gems tomorrow! If only I had realized all these came in, I may have been better able to resist all the yarny temptation at ImagiKnit the other day! Sooo wonderful not just having a friend to share shipping with, but also to keep you posted on all the latest! I would not have been able to chase down the woolmeise without you, Nartian!

IrishgirlieKnits & PashyKnits said...

WOW WOW WOW!! Just gorgeous!! Love the Woolmeise and love the new online shop potential (I've been able to resist so far...but easy online shop...probably won't be able to!).

Pretty STR! Still recovering from Oregon Flock & Fiber and the site update!! Blue moon heaven!

Nell said...

I'm so drooling right now. Seriously. Ginger Bread Man. Wollmeise. I'm dying!!!!!

tapmouse said...

Just did a "review" of your Woolmeise! I guess I had forgotten you had gotten FIVE skeins earlier!-lol! NOW I remember...!