Friday, October 05, 2007

Take 2!

(Almost the same content as my post on the Firestarter KAL)

I frogged my first attempt on size 2.75 mm needles using the original 60 st count and casted the STR medium weight back on size 3.00 mm needles using a 54 st count. No fat pooling. I can see my twisted stitches so much better. (And it's really, really looking like the Marbles colorway now.)

After googling what other knitters cast on (& on what needle size if they mentioned it) and the resultant color patterning they got as well as looking back at my STR Sock Candy Broadripples, I realized that a 54 st count might be my magic STR medium weight number (64 being my STR lightweight magic number). The fact that it was also a 6 st variation of the original 60 st count also had the potential to work in my favor. The only question was if a size "2.5" (3.00 mm) or 3 (3.25 mm) would be better.

Once I got used to the chart notation, I could cruise through the travelling stitches. The experience of knitting Cookie A's Twisted Flower pattern made this sock pattern's one chart seem comparatively easy.

Keeping my fingers crossed that I didn't just jinx myself just now. Don't want to get too cocky and have this pattern bite me in the @ss. I still need to get through the gusset section. I hope that it works out, especially since I don't have the same row gauge.

And assuming I get through this pattern unscathed, I'm going to do a second pair in my Wollmeise Rhabarber.


Zonda said...

Looking good! *wishing you good finishing vibes!!*

IrishgirlieKnits & PashyKnits said...

Amazing what the change in stitch count can do with STR, isn't it?! I discovered this with my Starry Night socks! I'm definately somewhere between the 54-64 area, depending on the pattern :)

Good luck! These socks are looking fabulous!

tapmouse said...

WOW! I hadn't realized that you frogged and converted to 54 stitches! I looked at the sock and thought-'what happened to the broad striping?'. Ha! Looks great!