Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Heading into sweater only knitting

Since I'm trying to make myself do sweaters only this month (well, essentially anything not socks), I won't have a FO for awhile.

Crystal Palace Merino 5
size 5 Clover bamboo dpns
3" leg including 1" k1p1 cuff
rest of sock in St st
36 st cast on for a gauge of 6 spi

Monkey2 is not one for negative ease. She wouldn't wear the STR Fairgrounds socks I made her earlier this year which I based on the Knitty toe up sock formula cause she didn't like the snug fit. And to make sure it wouldn't be a struggle to put her new socks on, I opted for a regular heel & gusset instead of a short row heel.

I was such the proud mama when Monkey2 called these her "yarn socks" as she knew these were most definitely not regular ole socks. And she said it too cutely for me to teach her to correctly call them handknit socks.

My other FO is my Zig Zag scarf that was my alternate knit here and there at home. I finally got the urge to finish it.

yarn - Yarn Botanika 100% cashmere (dc'd?) in Pink Sand - 200 yd/50 g
pattern - Lacy Zig Zag scarf
needle size - US 8
6" X 44" after steam blocking


IrishgirlieKnits said...

Her "yarn socks"! So cute!

Love the scarf! Now go knit that sweater :)

tapmouse said...

That zig zag scarf is just gorgeous and I'm lucky I got to actually pet it, too, cuz if feels even more wonderful!

Monkey2 is jsut too cute, anyway! Why correct her? She knows what she's got are special!