Friday, December 14, 2007

Ravens coming to roost

Guess what lys got their STR Ravens shipment in?

They didn't get all the colors and they only got the lightweight and Twisted. (My wallet thanks the fact that they didn't get some Laci.) I don't remember all the Twisted colors, but the lightweight came in Grawk, Haida, Korppi, Rauen, Ravenscroft, Rook-y, Thraven, and Valkyrie, if inquiring minds want to know.

I thought how the dye took in the Twisted yarn was interesting as different colors "popped" out more than they did in the lightweight. Take Ravenscroft for instance. There isn't much of the chartreuse green in my lightweight skein, but the Twisted we were looking at had a lot of it and much less of the forest green.

And the reason I was there last night was that they were having a baby shower for Nathania. I am a bad blogger as I was remiss in taking a pic of the baby hat I made for her Boo. I mistook the baby shower date as next week, so I didn't make what I had originally planned to make. Doh!

I did manage to make my first pair of Saartje's booties for one of Monkey1's after-school care teachers. What a fun and quick knit. I think I spent almost as much time seaming it & the buttons as I did knitting it though.

And my Twist cardigan is progressing along. No mods so far, but I still have a little time to figure out if I need to elongate the body by 1" and where.


Zonda said...

I have a skein of Ravens coming soon! Your booties are cute! Twist is looking good!

tapmouse said...

Thank you, yes, enquiring minds DO want and need to know! I can hardly wait to see what they have left! Thanks for sharing!

The baby booties are awesome and the Twist coming along great. I'm still swatching!

IrishgirlieKnits said...

Well there were still some ravens left yesterday! I couldn't resist the Twisted!! Love the colors you picked out!

The booties look so cute. I still haven't made that pattern. But I did buy my Twist pattern yesterday! Yours is looking great!!

Batty said...

I love that entire line of sock yarn. I have a self-imposed viewing restriction, because if I look at the site too much, I'll order everything and end up starving for a month or two.

The baby shoes are the cutest. Very pretty and girly.