Monday, June 16, 2008

Cotton Koolhaas

pattern: Koolhaas Hat
yarn: Lion Brand Cotton Ease in Charcoal
needles: KP 7 & 9 circular (Magic Loop)

It's a hat, so of course I didn't swatch. Because I'm a tight knitter (still) I automatically went up a needle size, not realizing that the thicker cotton blend I was using would make for a larger hat anyway, so I ended up doing 4 repeats of the diamond pattern rather than 5 for the men's size.

This chemo hat was originally intended for someone I knew a little from long ago who is undergoing lung cancer treatment, but I botched one of the cable crosses halfway through the hat. And of course, I didn't notice it 'til I bound off and weaved in the ends. And the offending crossing was in the middle and not at the "halfway edge" of the Magic Looped round where I could understand doing a miss-cross. D'oh!

So now I'm trying to figure out what to do. I'm debating whether or not I should send it to him anyway in hopes that as a non-knitter he won't notice or if I should just give it some charity somewhere in his honor since it's got the one mis-crossed cable.


IrishgirlieKnits said...

I think the hat looks great and if its not that noticeable, he won't notice (he is a guy after all! hehehehe). Its the thought that counts, right?!

Nell said...

I bet he won't notice. And he'll love the new hat!

Zonda said...

I agree, I bet he won't notice and will love the hat! :) Um..I'm still a tight knitter too, guess I need to becareful too :)

tapmouse said...

I think he'd still appreciate the hat, but OTOH-what a great idea to donate it in honor of him! Maybe work on a second for him, first and see how you feel? It looks great to me, but then, we haven't conferred in person on this yet!

Lisa said...

I think the hat looks great too and I agree with everyone else, he probably would never notice as long as you don't point it out to him! But if you are set on making another for him (error free) I am particpatin in the Relay for Life this July, it is an event to raise money for the American Cancer Society. I belong to a team that is named Cap Off Cancer and we are knitting and crocheting chemo caps to be donated to cancer patients. So if you decide to donate, I would be vary happy to receive it. Just a thought. I have blogged about the Relay for Life also.