Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Going in circles

Not feeling the flat back-and-forth knitting projects (plus they're both sleeves), so my active WIP's are circularly knitted:

Monkey Kaw Kaw Sock 1 is done! Started my second sock, but need to take a picture of my first Monkey Kaw Kaw sock with tapmouse's 'cause mine patterned lighter than hers - quite the lesson in the whole different knitter/different needle size/different gauge (more row than stitch) can make hand-dyed yarn look different.

I also started my Cowl of Kindness (sorry, Ravelry link) in my Handmaiden Casbah skein (Ruby Red?, size 8 needles, yarn held double.) The cowl pattern is based on Chawne's lovely Socks of Kindness.

Am also doing a Koolhaas hat that is slated to go to someone specific or to a charity as a chemo cap.


IrishgirlieKnits said...

Pretty Monkey KawKaw!!!

And I'm loving the Cowl of Kindness! I have that queued and have been resisting casting on! Yours is making it hard to resist! So pretty!!!

tapmouse said...

Ooooooh, the neck warmer is coming right along and looking great! And the Monkey is finished! Yeah...and mine sits! I think I'm now too into the ribby pulli scoop!

cockeyed said...

everything looks beautiful! love the Cowl of Kindness! went right to "rav" and put it my queue!!!! the monkey kawkaw rocks! we need to have a monkey kawkaw reunion!!

Nell said...

Kaw Kaw is so pretty!!! Koolhaas is a great pattern. It always looks good. Jared is a genius!