Thursday, June 19, 2008

Knitting buddies that work together...

shop together. At tapmouse's "request" (she's got a recalcitrant laptop), I'm posting her part of our order:

l to r: Carbon, Count Cluckula, and Smokey Blue

Along with our BMFA order and my Woolgirl sock club kit, my zknitter project bags came arrived as well. I love them! I already had a few sock project bags, but wanted something a little bigger than those, but smaller than my Namaste or sheepie totes. I thought the bag(s) Zonda made for Irishgirlieknits were so lovely, that I finally picked my fabrics and asked her to make me a couple bags or so.

Thanks so much & wishing you well, Z!


IrishgirlieKnits said...

Thank goodness I already have those pretty colors that Tapmouse ordered because I am still drooling over your colors from yesterday!!

How cute are those project bags that Zonda made for you! Aren't they fabulous! I heart mine :)

Zonda said...

Ok, I'm ignoring the colorways as I have to LOL! ;)

Glad you like the bags! I think I've finally come up with the perfect size! :) Thanks for your well wishes too!