Monday, July 14, 2008

Not exactly a pair

It's always amazing to me that you can take the same yarn (abeit in different colors), the same stitch count (66), the same twisted rib 1" cuff, but with 2 different designers, come up with totally different socks.

Sock one:
Spring Forward
Socks that Rock lightweight in Motley Hue
size 2.50 mm Knit Picks metal dpns

No mods to the pattern - However, after reading that this pattern was tight on some knitters in the KAL, I did try it on one decrease short on the gusset to check if I would need to rip back & do a longer heel or less gussest decreases since it seemed like the stockinette stitch gauge was appreciably tighter than the lace pattern.

Sock 2 from the May Rockin' Sock Club kit:
Cleopatra's Stocking
Socks that Rock lightweight in Incredibly Shrinking Violet
size 2.50 mm & 2.50 mm Knit Picks circulars

- Size large for the stitch count (I'm tighter on circs than on dpns), but size medium for foot length
- Switched to the larger needles for the last 1" of the twisted rib cuff though it's possible I could've switched a little earlier since I started getting really close to my calf
- Did the front and back slash patterns up to 3", per Yarnissima's original design. (I pm'd her on Ravelry for the original directions.) Due to concerns with not having enough yarn for the large size, BMFA had the leg pattern cut down by 1-ish repeat. I've ordered more yarn in case I run out for sock 2, but I still need to weigh my sock and the rest of my skein to check.

Well, I won't be done with my second Cleo's before our July sock club kit hits, but I will definitely get my second Spring Forward done.


IrishgirlieKnits said...

Oh!! Pretty pretty pretty! Love both socks :)

adrienne said...

how can you keep cranking out those socks? i guess i must be spending too much time down at the "pond" with the frogs. groan.

love both socks. you already have a pair! you can stop now.

Neuroknitter said...

Thank you! It looks like you have some sockalicious action over here, too!!!

Your Cleo sock is lovely! The Spring Forward pattern has been printed and is moving its way to the top of my queue...yours and IGK's socks are so beautiful!!

Happy knitting!

Zonda said...

Loving the Motley Hue!! Cleo is very pretty as well!

Kel said...

Nice! I'm doing a longer version of my cleo's, too. I started from both ends of the ball and will keep it going. Hopefully I won't run out of yarn! I like your spring sox too!

Marisol said...

Hey both of these socks are gorgeous in their own right!