Friday, July 25, 2008

The semi-monthly warning

That's right, it's time for my fellow Rockin' Sock Club members who do not like to be spoiled to stay away from the 'net or at least, don't scroll past the stinkin' cute Tulip sweater (in progress) pic. So instead, I will do a belated Wednesday WIP report.

The Grace sweater sleeves & body are slowly being seamed after I seamed the shoulders and knitted the collar. I'll need to re-block as I don't like how the bottom of the collar is pulling up the bodice, assuming the silk content will relax the fabric enough to counter this issue.

I started this project thinking I would be making this for me, but I'm considering passing this on to my mom. I think the silk content and the lace should keep it cool enough for winters in Hawaii.

Also on a slow pace are Monkey1's Lindy Hop front piece and my second Cleopatra's Stocking. I had a brief bout of Second Sock Syndrome 'cause I so didn't want to knit another short row toe.

There's some seriously small gauge stockinette stitch going on here.

And what's making those 2 WIP's even slower (aside from the small needle thing) is that I have been sucked into the utter cuteness that is the Tulip Sweater. The smaller Monkey2 size and the bigger size 9 needles makes for darn quick work too. Plus it's fun to change colors only every 10 rows. The only drawbacks are that I didn't read all the Rav notes (my bad!) recommending NOT slipping the seam stitch and for a superwash wool yarn, it's got some funky crunchiness/squeak to it.

So. Finally - my eagerly anticipated July RSC kit!

Not just one, but 2(!) patterns by a great teacher & BMFA's tech editor, JC Briar, and our totally fun Sockateer, Hot Flash! I love reading Tina's Dyer's Notes as they give a fascinating insight to her color aesthetic and news of the next color collection.

I think I'll do both patterns, but using the July yarn with JC's pattern and another lighter colored STR skein for the anklet pattern. I am tempted to use Hot Flash's colorway for her pattern. It's only fitting since Monkey1 chose the colorway on my last BMFA purchase and the anklets would be uber cute on her.

That is, after I finish that darn sweater of hers. Someone shoot me the next time I say okay to knitting a fingering weight sweater for anyone, even my darling Monkeys.


IrishgirlieKnits said...

Grace is looking so nice!!!

Yay for the landing of this month's kit!! I can't wait to get home and knit it up!! I brought only socks on vacation to finish up so the needles would be free when I got home!How cute would the anklets look in Hot Flash!

Nell said...

The pastels weren't thrilling me until I looked at the pattern. But they are pretty nice in those socks. Maybe I'll give it a shot.

Zonda said...

Grace is lovely! I bet you can't wait for it to be finished :) Probably not as much as the Lindy hop one though! The Tulip sweater is too cute, I have the patterns, just no one to knit it for..which is ok right now ;) I'd use the Hot Flash colorway too for the socks!

cupcakefaerie said...

What a beautiful sweater! And, great idea to knit the anklets with Hot Flash.

tapmouse said...

I'm kinda lame, but I hadn't even realized (DUH!) that Monkey1's sweater is FINGERING WEIGHT!!!! AAAAAHHHHHHH!!!! The sweaters all all wonderful and I wish I had the focus you do cuz I'd be looking at more larger FO's instead of my pathetic little tinies!