Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Don't get any ideas.

Yes, I'm talking to you, all my spinning friends!

Just because I'm taking a class doesn't mean I'm hooked. Especially since my practicing in between the 2 sessions seems to be getting worse instead of better. :p But that reflects nothing on the sweetheart of a teacher who is Wonder Mike. I just think that the Yarn Harlot's rule of thumb that you have to practice a skill for 28 days straight before one gets anywhere near decent definitely applies to me. And then some.

At the moment, it's not a relaxing thing to do. It seems to have a way of bringing up my control issues. At one point, I looked at some messed up fiber and contemplated pulling out my metal eyelash comb to re-comb it so I could re-spin it an effort to not let it go to waste. It's good thing the call of dinner-making duty kicked in and I let that crazy thought go.

But before testing the waters in the world of spinning, I managed to finish a baby gift set that I started after the baby was born. I was stuck on inspiration when I didn't know what gender the baby was 'til after our friend gave birth.

Lion Brand Cotton Ease in Violet - over 1.5 skeins total
Mason-Dixon Baby Kimono
SnB Umbilical Cord Hat
Ruth's Perfect Baby Booties

Lastly, It's hard not to cast on while I'm working on my UFO Smackdown when I got my second to last Embrace the Lace club kit, so I'll use it as motivation to finish. The yarn is Dream in Color Classy in an exclusive Woolgirl colorway w/a pattern by designer Lisa Dykstra, who's been Woolgirl's designer of choice for quite a few of her club & special kits. I'll be sure to send healing thoughts her way when I knit up her patterns.


dianne said...

Reading about your spinning really made me giggle. Keep at it, I'm sure you'll master it :-)

The kimono is adorable, especially with the matching hat and booties.

IrishgirlieKnits said...

As I commented on Terry's spinning post, I must resist. I must resist. I must resist. Good luck!

Love the baby set and just love the Woolgirl Lace kit!

adrienne said...

..i will NOT learn to spin.... i will NOT learn to spin.

i just remind myself about the yarn collection that i can't keep up with.

...i will NOT learn to spin.......

good luck! =P

lucky baby!

cupcakefaerie said...

It's best to let go and embrace the spinning. Think of it as completing the circle. (Well, actually, completing the circle might involve raising the animals or growing the plants, but lets not think about that...for now.) Have fun! I know you're going to be great at it.

p.s. Lovely baby knits.

tapmouse said...

Yeah, I'm not convinced you've been taken by it yet, but I have faith that you will!!!

Batty said...

No, you're not hooked. Clearly. Couldn't happen to you, you're immune.

Actually, your first yarn looks better than mine. And... I'm currently making something very similar, on purpose. So keep at it. You'll have it figured out before you know it.

Nell said...

I have a wheel and I'm still not hooked. I blame lack of patience for me though. Neat to see you giving it a shot.