Saturday, February 06, 2010


It only took me over a year to finish the pair, 4 months after I finished the first. Which is why this was in my UFO-in-denial project. I kept it as a WIP on my Ravelry project page and only once-in-awhile put it to sleep. But Nathania's call for a UFO Smackdown on Twitter & a Facebook group got me going. So glad I did.

pattern: Digitessa
yarn: Wollmeise 100% merino sock yarn in Digitessa (the yarn & pattern came together in a kit)
needles sizes: 2.50 & 2.75 mm KP circs

Yarnissima (Marjan) isn't lying when she says this pattern is demanding.

Because my row/round gauge was shorter than the pattern spec, I ended up at a different spot on the top of foot chart. I had failed to make clear notes on the first sock, so when I did the second (finally), I didn't quite get it to match. :p

And to alleviate any problems in getting the sock on, I switched to the larger needles on Chart 5B instead of Chart 6 as suggested in the pattern. That's right, there were at least 6 charts for this design. I won't complain though as the alternative would be to have the charts printed in teeny-tiny font which would've created issues for me if I had to enlarge them on a copier.

So now that my UFO-in-denial is done, I cast on the second half of my Mystery Stole #4 (aka the Serendipity stole) a year after I finished the first half. Sense a trend? Hopefully I'll finish this second half before the year is up.

Also done is my spinning class with WonderMike. I may not be drinking the Kool Aid yet, but I do appreciate all the skill and hard work that goes into hand splindling. It does seem to be quite an attractive craft as Monkey1 asked me to show her how. I may need to sign her up for a class sometime 'cause my teaching her is like the blind leading the blind at this point. :p

So to distract her from my lack of spinning skills, she and Monkey2 got to split the wares in Woolgirl's Hello Kitty Valentine's kit. I get to keep the yarn (Curious Creek Fibers in a special Woolgirl colorway & yardage) and project bag of course.


Discoknits said...

OMG, but those socks look HARD! No wonder they took a year! Pretty though :0)

cupcakefaerie said...

Your Digitessas are gorgeous and I'm sure well worth the wait! I bow down to you for your accomplishment. I'm too much of a chicken to even start mine. But now that you've blazed the trail, just maybe...

And look at that pretty handspun. Yay!

dianne said...

Congrats on finishing Digitessa. They were well worth the effort, they are STUNNING!!!
Nice job spinning too. Are you going to use it for a project or save it?

Tece said...

Wow,those socks look tricky but amazing! good job!

Batty said...

Beautiful socks! It's so good when a UFO gets done, isn't it? They were worth the effort. Intricate and pretty.

Great work on the spinning too. I spin in cycles -- either I can't stop, or i don't pick up the spindle for weeks. But it's great for high-stress times when you can't bring yourself to knit.

Zonda said...

Beautiful socks! Whew, don't think I'd attempt them anytime soon though! Nice handspun too, watch out :)