Monday, July 31, 2006

I've become a joiner

I've now joined the new French Market Bag knit along and officially started my regular-sized FMB. I'm sticking to using the Cascade 220 Dark Periwinkle for the bag base and top handle portion and Periwinkle for the body. I'll be using size 9 needles since I got the pattern gauge with it. That and it was an adventure in itself to find a set of size 9 dpn's this weekend. After visiting 2 Michael's, 1 Joann's and 1 regional yarn store ('cause it's not quite local for me), I found a set at my lys. The only drawback is that I got the shorter 6" length instead of the usual 7" length all my Clover dpn's are in. I'm just going to have to make sure my stitches don't fall off the shorter needles before I can switch to my shortest Boyes interchangeable cables.

I decided to do the circular base and used Emily Ocker's circular cast on method since I already practiced this method on starting a friend's Lucy bag. I love how this method lets you tighten up the hole in the middle and avoids the puffiness of a "regular" cast on, but even for a long-time crocheter like me, it was a little awkward to do as I couldn't figure out how to keep tension on the ball end of the yarn.

Can't quite tell yet how well it'll felt as I only got partway through felting my 3rd petite FMB when monkey2 woke up from her nap and didn't care to hang out w/her dear daddy. I think my 3rd mini FMB needs a couple more rounds in the BCoD (tm zibbibo is good? or Harry Potter?), but I think it'll be fine.

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Batty said...

Usually, Cascade 220 felts really well. I'm making me second pair of DH's Fuzzy Feet with it, and so far, I'm very pleased. Only, the US 11 DPNs I'm using are huge! Those are pretty hard to find, Michael's and Jo-Ann's don't always carry the more outlandish sizes.

You should see my US 15 DPN's!