Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Metering the WIPs

In a supposedly rational effort (hah!) to keep my wrists and hands from wearing out, I've been rotating the WIP's cause:

1) I've got cotton. Well, technically my Something Red is in a cotton/wool blend, but still:

The pic shows I'm on the 4th skein of Knitpicks Main Line since it comes in 82 yd skeins as Monkey2 is showing her ire on my handknits. I haven't cast on anything for her in quite awhile. Just kidding on the kiddie ire. That's just mommy guilt kicking in a little since Monkey1 is more likely to ask for specific crocheted & handknit items.

2) (Left) The stiff Yarn4Sock club camel/blend yarn combined with a left twist consisting of a ktbl in the 2nd stitch on the second (left) Balance sock makes for slow going. That and the softener smell on the second skein hasn't dissipated as much as I thought it would - my one and only pet peeve about this yarn. I can live with the stiffness 'cause the knitted fabric has an interesting sorta velvety feel, almost (not quite, but almost) like a silk tweed - the caveat being I still need to wash these socks after I'm done with the second. But it's amazing to me how much this smell bothers me so much. (I've googled and haven't found a knit blogger in the club that's posted anything about this unless my google-fu is not working.) I know I should've washed the skeins first, but I definitely will the next time I get yarn that bugs me in this way.

3) (Right) And I hit a mental block on the 2nd Twisted Flower sock and not just 'cause I started on the medium size instead of the large for the first sock. I've realized I've been thinking my feet are larger than they are. I've started 3 first socks (maybe 4?) in the large size and had to rip back since they all came out too big. 'Cept the Twisted Flower, of course, which only came out comfortably loose.

So I cast on again for the Monkeys, this time in STR lightweight Algae. I figured doing an easier Cookie A pattern would get me back in the groove for the Twisted Flower and the squishy STR yarn would give my hands the break from the stiffer yarns. I also love the speed of doing the pattern size ("medium") on size 1 (2.50 mm) KP dpns.

It's not Friday yet, but I did finish the second test sock so Monkey1 now has another pair of socks. (The other reason to motivating me to get the Monkey off my back - I had an FO!) Have oodles of Hill Country Yarns Superfine Superwash sock yarn left (I'll need to weight it), but definitely enough for another small second pair of socks:

Yarn: Hill Country Superfine Superwash sock yarn in Raspberry Sorbet
needle size: KP size 0 circs
gauge: 10 spi St st
pattern: a test one for Tyler

And continuing the sock yarn lemming mode, my Knittery yarns came in. I had ordered directly from them before I discovered Woolgirl carries them.

left to right: Passionfruit merino, Cherries merino cashmere, Lakeside Flora merino cashmere

Scrumptious stuff, especially the Lakeside Flora! Tapmouse can testify since I flashed this stash to her today.


IrishgirlieKnits & PashyKnits said...

Wow! You've got a few WIPs going on. Love the Monkeys in Algae! So pretty!

Love that Knittery stash too! Oh, Woolgirl, how I love you! :)

Nell said...

Isn't that knittery yarn is so gorgeous?!?!?! Nice choice of colors. And cashmere.... Yummy... cashmere.


tapmouse said...

OK, I think I told you of my intent to follow
The Knittery path, but I think I have yet to confess that the order is in and my yarn on the way!-lol! Believe it or not, I only purchased ONE skein, despite the savings on shipping had I purchased 2 or 3. BUT...considering the colorways available were ones I really did not "need" or desire in the same way as other colorway options, I was able to remain a controlled shopper!-HAH!

Batty said...

Wow, it looks like your WIP rotation is working! You're making progress on all fronts, very impressive.

tapmouse said...

Further confessions are in order...You conveniently included Wool Girl's link-and why, now, did I need to be all nosey and check out what she had in The Knittery's yarn? Because I'm that way, that's why! OMG-quite the Indie collection she has, including a few I've purchased throught Etsy...including Pigeon Roof Studios who happened to have their "Atticus" colorway featured at Wool Girl's site! Enough said. I think you get the picture...It would be like you NOT purchasing BOTH dolls you found for Monkey1!