Friday, June 15, 2007

YPF Homage

In my attempt to own as many Socks That Rock (STR) colorways as I can, I finally got around to ordering Tapmouse's contest-winning named colors:

Left: Puck's Mischief Silkie. Walking the Wild Tide emergency key chain skein is next to it for color comparison purposes. Puck's awesome color combination looks really cool in Twisted too.

Right: Mystic Kelp lightweight - Blue Moon Fiber Arts (BMFA) Dyer's Choice. BMFA had one more colorway from the "Tides" collection that wasn't included in the club contest. I love this too.

And I also got Cookie A's The Sock with No Name (she knit the pattern using Highway 30 lightweight). I was waiting for this pattern's release after seeing partial pictures of it on Cookie's blog. I was even saving the Highway 30 in my stash for it (though it seemed even more uncreative of me to save the exact colorway for the pattern), but now I'm thinking of using the Mystic Kelp instead.

And in order to justify these purchases to myself, I've been knitting as fast as I can to finish Monkey1's 2nd test sock by this weekend. I finished seaming her "Little Red Riding Hood" sans the ties, but I can't officially call it an FO 'til I order 1-2 more skeins of KP Merino Style for the ties and to extend the capelet out more since it looks more like a floppy collar now.


IrishgirlieKnits & PashyKnits said...

Awww...a girl after my own heart! I'm just going to smile at the pretty yarn!! Gorgeous!! I'm resisting another order until Backstabber goes up (a little birdie told me hopefully next week!).

I am amazed at how different some of the colorways look in the different fibers! Love the silkie!

Batty said...

Pretty yarn! I'm trying not to buy more but failing. Those colorways... I could just sit here staring at them all day.