Sunday, November 04, 2007

Cabo Hoodie #2

While tapmouse was shopping for me, I was finishing Monkey1's sweater. It's 80F today and will be for awhile, so no modelled shots. The unblocked sweater on a hanger shot will have to do for now. On the bright side, all this warm weather means that it'll dry quickly when I wash & block it.

pattern: Cabo Hoodie by Wendy Bernard (Knit & Tonic)
yarn: Lanas Puras Melosa worsted weight in Cornflower (sorta a cross between Malabrigo & Manos del Uruguay), approximately 3.5 skeins - have 56 g leftover, so I can extend out the sleeves & cuff next year if I need to or knit a charity hat
pattern size: 10 (I'll need to re-knickname my kids Giraffe or something, they're way tall)
needle sizes: US 7 & 8 (too lazy to look up the metric equivalent)

- As with the first Cabo Hoodie, I knit the pocket on & extended the hood by 2"
- 6 blue plastic beads on each cuff per Monkey1's request - she loves it!

I also finished my first Fetching in Cascade Cash Vero color #021. Monkey1 ran off with it (in hopes that it was too small for me so she would get it - hah!), so I don't have a pic of the finished wristwarmer yet. I added 5 rounds to the hand section before the thumb and added another cable round and 4 more ribbing rounds after to make it long enough. I did try the picot bind off since I've never done one, but hated it. I had a hole under every picot stitch and that bind off made the edge roll badly. So I ripped it out and just did a normal bind off.

I think I'm in a November brown mood 'cause I bought the Chocqua Schrodinger Cube the instant I saw it. When I first found this site after a mention on Wendy Bernard's blog, I thought it just cute, but when I saw the one made with the Hawaiian quilt hibiscus motif, I had to get it. How can I not?


IrishgirlieKnits said...

Great job on the Cabo Hoodie! Yeap, she won't be wearing it this week!

Love that bag! I'm not going to click the link...not going to click the link...not...

Alison said...

Cool sweater!

--AlisonH at

Batty said...

What a beautiful blue color! I love your hoodie. And the blue matches the blue in the bag!