Saturday, November 24, 2007

My oldest UFO

I thought I'd celebrate my birthday on the blog this year by outing my oldest UFO.

Back in my pre-teen years, my mom started me on my needlecraft career with a size J plastic hook, a how to crochet booklet, and some 70's orange acrylic yarn. The orange yarn is no longer around since I turned it into a scarf and gifted it to a friend of mine on her birthday (poor thing!), but my size J hook still is and a couple crochet thread squares I made. Even back then, I was interested in small yarn, but I did realize crochet thread = not fun and soon gave that up. I don't think I even have that small metal hook anymore.

I still have the book it came from though, along with 4 others in the series. It's a pity I didn't ask my mom to keep the whole series as I only kept the ones with crocheted items I liked and I probably missed out on all the knitting tutorials and patterns.

And clearly, my birthday is the main reason I dragged my monkeys with me to Purlescence Yarns Pajama Jammie sale yesterday. It was great way to start Black Friday since I finally met Carrie and got a decent haul despite these three skeins not being part of the sale. I picked up Midsummer's Night 'cause it totally didn't look like the typical STR Watercolor Wave. It really looks very semi-solid in the skein. Then I picked up Seal Rock for myself since I failed to do that last year when I gave tapmouse a skein for x-mas. And I finally got myself a chicken series skein in Rooster Rock. I really like this dye lot Purlescence got since it has some really neat purple plum to it.

And continuing my personal theme of brown and laceweight yarns, as part of the sale, I got a couple skeins of oh-so-yummy Malabrigo laceweight in Marron Oscuro.

Last but not least, here's a couple pink Sock Candy skeins Carrie got from BMFA's Destash sale. I think these might be Pretty in Pink, but I'll have to double check this colorway online. There's some peach on one end, but not as much as there is in Coral. Thank you again Carrie!

Hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving weekend!


Nell said...

You're going to love the Malabrigo lace. It's so luscious!

I love that Rooster Rock colorway. Good picks.

IrishgirlieKnits said...

Happy Birthday!! I would call that more of a "swatch" than a UFO! How cute would they be framed?!

Love those STR colorways..why didn't I get that Rooster Rock?

It was great to meet you finally too!!

Batty said...

Pretty yarn! I petted the Malabrigo lace at a store two weeks ago and still think about it once in a while. And I love the STR. Their colors are irresistible.

Mrs. Mau said...

oh, i am coveting that lace weight malabrigo. oh yes, i am!