Thursday, November 01, 2007

Sorta Random

Posting to keep the knitting part of my brain in order 'cause goodness knows the rest of my brain isn't.

It's amazing how much can get done while waiting for the washer repair dude and being home with a sick kid (Monkey2) a few days ago. I didn't quite finish Monkey1's Cabo Hoodie by the end of the month, but I got close. All I need now is to do the hood and seam the pocket sides. I'm shooting to finish by the weekend hopefully as the weather's gotten back to the fog again.

Monkey1 even got me to put beads on her sweater cuff. She was very precise on the number of beads and color too. As tapmouse knows, I can be somewhat anti-bead-ish, but Monkey1 knows how to get me to do things I don't like...sometimes.

I would've been done with the hoodie by now 'cept all that St st would make me want to do other things too. Surprisingly though, I wasn't in the mood for more socks despite finishing the Giotto with the Flow pair. Oh, I started my STR Lenore sock, but my STR production rate has been surprisingly slow. I think tapmouse picked up my STR mojo 'cause she's already turned the heel on her first Lenore.

Instead I was in the mood to wind up my Yarn Botanika 100% cashmere DK in Pink Sand and knitted up a few rows of the Lacy Zig Zag scarf pattern available on One Planet. Not that I've gotten very far with that either 'cause I ended up casting on for Fetching too in a brown Cash Vero I got from Purlescence awhile ago. (No pic of that yet as I'm deciding if I'm too tight on size 6 needles and need to frog & restart on size 7's or if I'm good and simply need to add length.)


adrienne said...

kids do know how to get their way.
the beads are tres chic!

love the yarn and the zigzag scarf! most elegant.

IrishgirlieKnits said...

Hey, I just got some yarn for some Fetchings! And was going to cast on too :)

Love the Cabo Hoodie. And the beads are too cute!! Great mom indeed!!

Batty said...

The hoodie is looking great. With the specified number of beads, I hope, or you'll be doing it all over again!

I saw the Lenore kit and instantly fell in love. I even finished some other socks today even though I was sick, just so I can get started on Lenore. But you're not the only one with a fairly slow STR production rate. It's taking me forever too.

tapmouse said...

Oh! I'm liking the beginnings of your zig zag! Very pretty!

Man-I'd be so in trouble if I had a girl-child!-lol! LE is so indulged as it is, can't you just imagine a lil' emPRESS?

Kel said...

Hoody is cute! And that cashmere looks delicious! Started Lenore but may rip and start over (needle size issues)