Thursday, November 15, 2007

Only socks

Lenores are done! I was pestering tapmouse to finish her second Lenore yesterday 'cause we were at the same point and she's got smaller feet than me. I used the logic that we can take a pic of our Lenore pairs together, but I don't think that was a strong enough incentive. LOL!

Same as first Lenore sock 'cept I cast on with size 2 (2.75 mm) needles 'cause the cast on edge of my first sock was a wee bit snugger than I want.

I love holiday weekends 'cause that meant I had time to finish my first Wollmeise sock, but second time around with the Firestarter pattern. I love the feel of the Rharbarber sock yarn. Love it. But the gusset took forever to me. In my rush to get the sock done, I kept screwing up my purl increases by either purling on the wrong side or on the wrong row so I'd tink around those stitches to correct them. Ugh.

I'm using my size 1 (2.25 mm) KP circs so I need to finish the second sock before I start my Merlot Vine Lace socks (my current Yarn4Socks club package). I'm using the 72 st count due to the difference in gauge from the pattern. I added 1 cable repeat to the leg. I also went back to my EZ sewn bind off 'cause I didn't like the thicker feel of the doubled yarn bind off on my STR Marbles Firestarter.

I know it's not YPF yet, but T-day is coming and I may not have much knitting time or blog time 'til after. Our Woolgirl sock club package came in this week and it's so, so fun. Unfortunately like the first Woolgirl package, I can't cast on 'til I get through some other sock projects first. I'm planning to knit a pair for my makeup board Secret Santa and a pair of micro monkey socks for Monkey1 using Gilraen's written instructions. I've even charted it out for ease. Now I just need to pull out some yarn:

edited to correct chart legend


Tan said...

Oh wow, you have socks. I still have just a knitting project. And in the case of Firestarter, yarn and a pattern.

Nell said...

Gorgeous rhubarber socks! That pattern is so pretty with it.

tapmouse said...

Yeah, got me!-lol! Maybe not quite enough incentive, cuz you know I confessed to working more on my Waterfalls that I was not even supposed to continue on, let alone start! All I can say is that the Waterfall kept calling to me..."we are quick and easy! will soon have the cuff done!"

Knitting Bandit said...

Great socks...and since you've got a great gusset, I'll pick your brain. I keep getting little holes when I M1P. Help!! I know you have the answer for me! the faster I finish these Firestarters the faster I can tackle the Lenores.

gilraen said...

Both socks are georgeous!! I'm so behind in my socks!!

gilraen said...

Nartian, a Ravelry member contacted me to tell me the legend for the sock chart is 'mixed up'. I didn't notice because I just look at charts not legends.

BTW delete this post I couldn't find you email addie so wanted to let you know privately :)

Thanks :)

I'm looking forward to seeing your Jan 08 club kit :)