Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Sometimes only a hat (or 2) will do

Not feeling the sock knitting lately and not yet mentally ready to seam all my Twist pieces despite the fact the sleeves should be dry by now. I saw Nathania knitting the red version of her cap pattern at Purlescence during one of the Twist KAL sessions and I really liked it. Besides I figured it was a great way to use up 2 of the single skeins in my stash.

Pattern: K & K Caps
size: both toddler/small (yes, Monkey1's head is on the small side)

Left -
Crystal Palace Merino 5 Solid in Vibrant Blue (same as Monkey2's toddler socks)
under 1 skein (need to weigh how much I have remaining)
size 7 & 9 dpns to get gauge

Right -
Knit Picks Swish in Red Pepper (had bought 2 skeins when I made Monkey1's crocheted Mary Janes but only needed 1)
just under 1 skein (5 g leftover)
size 6 & 8 dpns w/a slightly tighter gauge than pattern so it's a bit too snug for the Monkeys, despite Monkey1's assurances otherwise.

The blue hat stays as Monkey2's, but the red hat is an undesignated gift or charity hat. My stash of ready-made gifts have been depleted, so I need to stock up again.


IrishgirlieKnits said...

Adorable!!! Love them both! Oh, and the hats are cute too :)

If you are heading to Purlescence this weekend let me know! Free weekend...need to do some knitting!

PurlsBeyondPrice said...

OMG! That is the cutest picture EVER! The monkeys are just adorable in their new hats.

Tamami said...

Too cute. Just too cute. I was having a bad day and I needed it!

susanruss said...

So cute!

Any suggestions for a toddler sweater I can knit in a couple of months for our childcare auction? Something that makes a finished size of about 5...isn't too hard to knit but will have enough of a WOW factor to get a bunch of non-knitters to bid a lot of money?

tapmouse said...

Too cute! Man, you ripped through that second hat like nobody's business-I never even saw that one!

Hope to make it down to Purlescence-it's the big 25% Beverly's Customer Appreciation day, too! Hmmm...better check, it may be more of a Customer Appreication 2 hours or something like that!

Opal said...

What a darling picture and how adorable are those hats?!

Batty said...

That picture is incredibly cute. I think they both need one of these hats. Doubled cuteness!

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