Monday, March 23, 2009

About that Sock Camp homework...

I feel like Monkey1 'cause instead of working on my Camp Knitty HaHa homework, I was doing other stuff for awhile.

Doesn't look like much yet, but Monkey1 has plans for this Knitted Babe. Oh, and the dress. Not for the babe. Monkey2 is actually getting a dress for her Zoe. Which is a good thing 'cause I didn't check gauge for the dress and I can tell it'll be too narrow as well as too short. The length was expected though as there is evidence in KAL blogland that this pattern as written makes for a short dress.

While we were gone on vacation, I didn't realize our 3rd Wollmeise sock club kit was coming in the mail. And rather coincidently, the 2 colors in the kit play into Tina's color study homework assignment for Camp.

So first off, Occident in one of my favorite wavelengths of the rainbow, the blue family. Love it. My love for blue may or may not surpass Monkey2's or Irishgirlie's, but it's up there.

And on the opposite side of the color wheel, Orient in the color wheel segment that not just makes me "uncomfortable" but rather conflicted.

Orange at work stands for safety, especially paired w/fluorescent yellow & white striping on our vests. Because, as we know, you gotta make sure the travelling public sees you on the side of the highway as they buzz past you at 80 mph with nothing between you and them 'cept maybe (if you're lucky) some k-rail (aka temporary concrete barriers).

And for some reason my aunts would always send or bring me orange clothes from our home country. Mom would get the most awesome gorgeous tropical blues, purples & pinks and me? Orange. I could never understand why as I don't remember professing any love for orange whatsoever. Sure, I love a good coral, orange, or peach blush or lipgloss, but in clothing? :/

I will admit that in grade school I did often wear an orange "I heart Hawaii" t-shirt. (Anyone remember those trendy I-heart-inserthomestatehere shirts?) But it was all about professing my love for my state and the super comfy loose fit. It was so not about the color. And I sorta inexplicably paired it w/sky blue cotton gauze pants. At least they weren't purple 'cause the long-standing joke about the "unofficial" national colors of my homeland according to 1 or 2 local comedians are orange paired with purple. So I had been conditioned at an early age that orange & purple was a bit of a stereotypical pairing, not matter how well it could look.

So there you have it - my feelings on why orange is one of my "uncomfortable" colors. Yellow is the other one, but it's easy to see when it's a color that can easily make one look jaundiced.

Oh, and yeah. The crabby homework is done. Wonky as heck. But it's done.

Note to self - it's never a wise idea to start sewing multiple appendages at 11 pm at night.


Disco said...

I heart orange - your wollmeise looks a lot like my STR Fred Flintstone (with less red).

Does this mean that sock camp this year will be made up of a bunch of crabby knitters? Maybe it's best I didn't go then ;0)

cupcakefaerie said...

I heart orange too, so Disco and I will gladly accept any of your orange cast-offs :)

I think my crab will have yours beat on the wonky. Seriously, it's bad.

Nell said...

Can't wait to see all these homework assignments!