Friday, November 21, 2008


Monkey2's mini-funky monkey is pretty much done. I just need to knit her some clothes and maybe add a set of pink felted lips. Maybe.

Blue Moon Fiber Arts Funky Monkey kit in Typhoon Tina & Harlotty
size 5 KP circs
-Similar to Edward's construction at Sock Camp, she's got pipe cleaner in her legs and doubled pipe cleaner in her extra long tail. Unlike Edward, I picked up and knit her arms on.
- Because I knit her on needles one size smaller than Edward's, she's shorter, somewhat mirroring Monkey1 and Monkey2's current height difference - well, not quite if you get really math geeky and calculate that whole proportional ratio thing.

(Yes, I forgot that last loose end. I weaved it in after I took the pic.)

While Twilight wasn't even on my radar back when Monkey1 named Edward, I thought I would amuse myself geekily by throwing out all the other character names from the book for Monkey2's, starting with Jacob and going through all the Cullens. In the end, Monkey2 named her monkey after Zoey 101.

Sigh...the drawbacks of not being militant about monitoring both Monkeys tv viewing. I think I was simply surprised that she didn't opt for the more obvious homage to one of her very favorite HSM characters. But to minimize the reference, I took the liberty of not spelling her name the same way as Britney Spear's little sister's character.

Maybe when I knit the full-sized one from the rest of the yarn in the kit, I'll have the fun of naming him/her.


IrishgirlieKnits said...

So cute!!! I need to make Lil Guy a monkey for Christmas!!

And I'll have to talk to Monkey....what's wrong with the name Edward?!?!??! swoooooon.

cockeyed said...

...cute and cuter.....

adrienne said...

yep, needs felted pink lips and clothes. it's starting to get a bit nippy around here.

tapmouse said...

So does Zoe still need clothes or have you made some already? LOVE Edward and Zoe!